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As low as $0.15 each!

The round wooden pencil is perfect for churches, country clubs and miniature golf courses. This 3.25" pencil does not include an eraser and arrives already sharpened. Choose from the classic color options then have a specific message or logo imprinted on the large surface area. This American-made promo product may be tiny in size, but it's got tons of possibility!

As low as $0.34 each!

Transforms when held! * Heat of a hand changes pencil from dark shadow to bright color * Eraser matches inner color * Soft eraser, #2 standard * Great personalized promo for schools or trade shows.

  • 5 Stars

As low as $0.37 each!

Students will love the color-changing hearts! The pencil changes color from dark to light by the heat of a hand. Eraser color matches heart color. Quality wood, #2 standard.

As low as $0.20 each!

* #1 selling wood pencil * #2 or #2 1/2 graphite lead * Brass ferrule and pink erasers * Silkscreen up to 10 colors * No screen or logo charges

As low as $0.37 each!

Give students the star treatment! Color of stars change from dark to light when held * Hand out to students for their achievements * #2 standard, soft eraser

As low as $1.47 each!

The original bent pencil-so festive, so fun! * Real #2 lead pencil with soft eraser and classic candy cane red stripes * Great holiday giveaway

As low as $0.26 each!

Fluorescent wood pencil, features a neon eraser that matches pencil color. A popular, quality wood pencil with black ferrule.

As low as $2.26 each!

Five fun, bright pencil colors students and staff will love! * Precise 0.9mm pencil with leads in blue, green, purple, orange, and red * Translucent plastic barrels in color to match lead colors * See-through storage pouch * Can also be used as custom-printed giveaway for employees or clients

As low as $0.28 each!

Unique shape-great grip that just won't slip! * Hex-shaped barrel; will not roll off student or teacher's desk * Hex-shaped eraser * Rainbow of color choices, each with hot-stamped foil imprint

As low as $0.69 each!

Extra-long pencils in metallics, pearls, sparkles or swirls! * Measures a lengthy 14 1/2" from tip to tip! * Brass ferrule, soft eraser * Many different design styles to choose from * Your program's imprint on the barrel * Unsharpened

As low as $1.49 each!

Inspire students to get creative! * 12 genuine wood, assorted color mini pencils * Pre-sharpened and ready to use right out of the tube * Handy cardboard storage tube with pencil sharpener built into detachable acrylic lid * Great personalized promotional product for schools or as a giveaway at any event.

As low as $0.30 each!

The "write" way to show one's allegiance to community and country! Eye-catching foil-wrapped wooden pencil features a bold stars and stripes design, silver ferrule, white eraser and your personal message. #2 standard. Can be used as a custom imprinted promotional giveaway for any event.

As low as $0.37 each!

  • Fun money-design pencils arrive in assorted currencies, including $1, $5, $20, $50, and $100 bill designs!
  • Each includes room for your personalized message!
  • Great personalized promotional product as a giveaway at any event
  • Minimum of 250

As low as $0.27 each!

Warmth of hands changes pencil colors! * Choose from 4 heat-changing colors * #2 standard, soft erasers, tan core, black ferrules * Made from 30% post consumer products. It's perfect for any business or event. Order yours today!

  • 5 Stars

As low as $0.23 each!

Your school's name on a multi-color background! * Multi-color swirl barrel. Black ferrule with assorted neon erasers * #2 standard, soft eraser

As low as $0.37 each!

Paws change colors when held! * Color combinations include: Bright Green/Bright Yellow, Red/Bright Orange, Blue/Bright Blue, Orange/Bright Yellow, Violet/Bright Pink * Popular and paws-itively fun product for the school store or as recognition rewards!

As low as $0.37 each!

Changes colors when held! * Violet to bright pink, bright green to bright yellow, red to bright orange, blue to bright blue, orange to bright yellow * Quality wood, #2 standard.

As low as $0.21 each!

Pencils are attractively priced for your school's or company's high volume promotions. All with soft erasers. #2 standard. Choose from 6 solid colors, personalized with your logo or message.

  • 5 Stars

As low as $0.50 each!

Writing comfort and control! * Cushioned, colorful rubber grip * Matching eraser * Refillable with .7 mm pencil leads, includes three .07mm lead refills inside barrel.

As low as $0.50 each!

Three black leads with white eraser! * Assorted color plastic pocket clips with matching rubber grips * Refillable with .7 mm pencil leads; includes three .07mm lead refills inside barrel.

Results: 31 Products
View Per Page: 20 | 40 | 80 | View All
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