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Item# OS-8159
As low as $54.95 each!
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Item# OS-8160
As low as $64.95 each!
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Item# AWSP-1B
As low as $4.49 each!
Item# AWSP-1K
As low as $4.49 each!
Item# OSW-188
As low as $42.95 each!
Item# OS-8186
As low as $12.95 each!
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Item# OS-8187
As low as $19.95 each!
Item# OS-8188
As low as $20.95 each!
Item# OS-8189
As low as $29.95 each!
Item# OS-9812
As low as $14.95 each!
Item# OS-9813
As low as $21.95 each!
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Item# OS-9814
As low as $22.95 each!
Item# OS-9815
As low as $31.95 each!
Item# OSA8641
As low as $55.00 each!
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Custom plaques have long been utilized to recognize and show appreciation for employees, volunteers, and other vital members of organizations. At Positive Promotions, you’ll find a great mix of personalized plaques — all featuring unique designs that will look great on any desk, wall, or bookshelf. If you’ve been looking for a meaningful way to reward and uplift your hardworking employees, you’ve come to the right place.

Plaques and other customized awards are small tokens of appreciation but can serve as a big boost to employee morale. Whether you’re rewarding the quarter’s top performers, passing out lighthearted awards at a holiday party, or recognizing students for a job well done, a personalized award is a memorable, long-lasting gift that can be cherished for years to come.

Here you’ll find everything from marble plaques with gold-foil inserts to elegant and iconic wooden plaques. All you have to do is choose some colors, upload your logo, and provide a few lines of text — we’ll take care of everything else. Your employees or students will be thrilled to have their achievements recognized and motivated to continue the good work.

Important accomplishments deserve to be recognized — and at Positive Promotions, we offer a number of ways to show your appreciation. So when it comes time to reward those around you for their hard work, this is the perfect place to find cost-effective custom plaques of every shape, size, and style. Check out our selection today!