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As low as $1.04 each!

Expand your customers' nighttime visibility and the visibility of your brand with these rectangular safety reflective stickers! This product comes with a 9" x 4" card size that consists of two rectangular reflective stickers. Your printed logo is showcased prominently in the imprint space. It's a perfect promotional plug for runners' groups and marathons. Handing these out at any nighttime outdoor event would really make you stand out!

As low as $1.15 each!

Your school message will travel far! * Pressure sensitive white vinyl with your imprint in your choice of one or two standard colors * High initial tack makes for easy application * Can be removed within 6 months of application

  • 5 Stars

As low as $0.79 each!

Easy to remove and reapply for six months! * Pressure sensitive white vinyl * Supplied with pressure-sensitive adhesive * High initial tack makes for easy application

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