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Tech It Out - USBs

Tech It Out - USBs

Reward customers and employees with custom USB drives designed with bright colors, unique features and most importantly, your company name or logo. Our distinctive bulk USB drives make it easy and affordable to show off your brand message on a popular tech device that most everyone uses. We offer personalized USB drives in fun styles, such as customized USB drives attached to pens and key chains, or built into vibrant bracelets. Handing out promotional USB drives at employee picnics, student events, career fairs and trade shows is a smart way to create excitement for your brand.

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Item# LYP-5
As low as $7.99 each!
Sale • As low as $6.49 each!
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Item# GNP-382
As low as $8.35 each!
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Item# OS-9342
As low as $4.38 each!
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Item# OS-9343
As low as $4.69 each!
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Item# OS-9411
As low as $5.72 each!
Item# OS10129
As low as $11.25 each!
Item# OS10131
As low as $5.09 each!
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Item# OSA2876
As low as $10.11 each!
Item# OSA2877
As low as $11.94 each!
Item# OSA7528
As low as $9.49 each!
Item# OSA7529
As low as $9.49 each!
Item# OSA6286
As low as $6.85 each!
Item# OSA6287
As low as $6.42 each!
Item# OSA6289
As low as $7.45 each!
Item# OSA6327
As low as $7.63 each!
Item# OSA6328
As low as $8.15 each!
Item# OSA6329
As low as $8.42 each!
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Lightweight, portable and always in demand, custom USB flash drives imprinted with your company name are a great method of transferring your brand in the community. Also called jump drives, for their ability to "jump" from device to device, these durable little data storage gadgets prove extremely useful for employees or sales staff on the go.

Everyone can use bulk USB drives for file storage or file transfer, and we offer a variety of fun and practical styles to reward dedicated employees, busy managers, hardworking students and important clients. Put your message on custom flash drives attached to key chains or lanyards to make life easier for IT techs who move from office to office, and tech-savvy students and educators who like to travel light.

You'll also find fun themed USB flash drives for fundraisers or school stores, including graduation caps and paw shapes. Stylish swivel drives with two sizes of USB attachments make great handouts at trade shows and seminars, and unique promos such as wearable wristband and bracelet flash drives are a hit with both kids and adults. Whatever event you're looking to promote, check out our colorful collection of promotional flash drives and start adding more capacity to your campaigns!