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Tech It Out - Power

Tech It Out - Power

Give USB chargers to dedicated employees, students, clients and other important people to show your appreciation. Or provide portable power banks as thoughtful gifts for those who would benefit from standalone portable power packs that are emergency chargers for cell phones and laptops. Personalize USB car chargers with your message or logo and offer them at trade shows and career fairs as a practical way to get your brand noticed. From customized mobile chargers to logo products like wall charger sets, our custom promotional items show your thanks to deserving recipients.

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As low as $18.99 each!

Sleek, slim metal power bank easily fits in pocket and charges smartphone and tablet devices. Power level lights indicate remaining battery strength. 4000 mAh capacity:5.0V/2.1A output (Input DC 5V/100mA; Output: DC 5V/1000mA). Includes 2 ports: USB and Micro USB. A micro USB charging cord is also included. (Note: phone charging cord is not included)

As low as $7.99 each!

2200 mAh Lithium Ion Grade A Non-Recycled Battery, Features A USB Output And Micro USB Input (Cord Included), Charges Smart Phones, MP3 Players, And More! Output: 5 Volts/.8 Amp, Requires Your Phone's Charging Cord To Charge Your Device

As low as $24.99 each!

  • This portable power bank will insure mobile devices are always ready when needed, plus it also gives your brand a charge!
  • Sleek and small shiny ABS plastic case is the size of a 2 cm thick business-card; available with 2200 mAh power capacity
  • Features: LED Logo Backlight; Integrated battery capacity indicator; Synchronous Rectification PCB; Auto-shut off power saving mode
  • DC-in: 5V, 1000 mA, DC-out: 5V, 1000 mA
  • Over-current, over-charge, over-discharge & short circuit protection
  • Female USB power output suitable for any device's USB charging cable (original Apple cable etc.); Male micro-USB power input port

As low as $6.49 each!

* Charge two devices simultaneously! * Plugs into any wall outlet tocharge both a mobile phone and tablet(or two mobile phones) at once! * Built-in flip down ledge docks one device off of the floor. * Fold-out plug tucks away when not in use.

Sale • As low as $2.99 each!

Dual outlet car charger powers multiple devices at once! Features two USB ports (1 Amp and 2.1 Amp output) and can charge two phone simultaneously or 1 tablet. Charges most cell phones, tablets and electronic devices with USB charging cords (charging cable or cord not included). Pillow box included

As low as $11.99 each!

Sleek, slim metal power bank easily fits in pocket and charges smartphone and tablet devices. Power level lights indicate remaining batterey strength. 4000 mAh capacity:5.0V/2.1A output (Input DC 5V/100mA; Output: DC 5V/1000mA). Includes 2 ports: USB and Micro USB. A micro USB charging cord is also included. (Note:phone charging cord is not included.)

As low as $49.99 each!

  • Speed charge up to two devices at once with this portable power bank
  • 10,400 mAh recharger attaches securely to a smart phone or tablet with dust-proof silicon suction feet
  • Rechargeable grade A - Li-ion battery (for 2.4A express charging) with LED capacity level indicator
  • Micro USB to USB cable included

As low as $22.98 each!

  • Premium power at a budget-friendly price!
  • Portable charger packs 6.600 mAh and a dual output with the first port at 5V/1A and the second port at 5V/2A
  • Features an LED flashlight next to the ports
  • Power button turns the power bank on and off plus indicates power level
  • Charger will hibernate into automatic sleep mode to reduce power loss
  • Includes a USB to micro USB connecting cable, which can recharge the battery backup or be used to charge devices with a Micro USB input such as the Android Smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Nokia and others
  • Made from ABS plastic

As low as $16.98 each!

  • Credit card-sized battery backup keeps mobile devices-and your brand-charged up!
  • 2,000 mAh Li-polymer Grade A slim internal battery has enough life to fully charge an iPhone
  • 5V/1A USB output means charges at the same rate of most wall chargers
  • Includes a USB to Micro USB connecting cable which can recharge the power bank or be used to charge devices that require a Micro USB input like Samsung, Android Smartphones, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, and others
  • Batteries have undergone evaluation for numerous quality standards

As low as $4.49 each!

  • Charges two cell phones at once on the go!
  • Compact USB automobile charger with 2 charging ports
  • Blue LED indicator light
  • Plugs into car cigarette lighter to work with USB charging cables; cables not included
  • 500 mAh output per port, 1 amp total

  • As low as $12.99 each!

    • Portable cylindrical stick style power bank with LED flashlight for smart phone
    • Fits easily in a purse or pocket
    • Attractive brushed satin black metallic aluminum case
    • 2000 mAh Li-on battery and slide button function choice
    • Adapters for Micro USB and USB
    • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

  • As low as $2.99 each!

    • USB universal car adapter charges two devices on the go!
    • Plugs into dashboard's cigarette lighter
    • Large imprint area is visible even when device is in use
    • LED power indicator lights blue up while charging
    • Charge time varies by device and is slower than normal AC outlets
    • Power supply / Technology: INPUT: 12-24 volts, OUTPUT: 5.0V/1,000mA on one side and 5.0V/2, 100mA on opposite side (as labeled); tablets will charge only on 5.0v/2, 100mA side
    • USB cable not included

  • As low as $11.99 each!

    • Put a charge into your brand with this UL certified, aluminum cube-shaped universal international mobile phone battery charger!
    • Great for mobile phones and other small electronic devices such as GPS and MP3 players
    • Includes on/off button and features LED indicator light (blue light when bank is turned on, red light when bank is charging, and blue light when bank is fully charged)
    • Individual phone attachments not included, only charging cable provided
    • Charge time differs by device
    • Power supply/Technology: INPUT: 5.0V/550mA; OUTPUT: 5.0V/800mA.
    • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery; capacity 2200mAh
    • Instructions included

  • As low as $21.79 each!

    • Give your next promotional event the power it needs!
    • 4400 mAh capacity power bank comes with a USB charging cable
    • Takes 7 hours to recharge; 6 months standby time if not in use
    • Completely charges devices in approximately 3-4 hours; charge times may vary by device
    • Instruction card included

  • As low as $43.49 each!

    • Take "charge" of your campaign's success with this powerful giveaway!
    • 5200 mAh capacity aluminum power bank features 2 LED lights
    • Comes with USB charging cable
    • 6 hours to recharge; 6 months standby time if not in use
    • Comes with mA, USB charging cable
    • 5V 1000 input and 5V 800 mA output

  • Sale • As low as $10.99 each!

    • Portable charging station keeps your promotions at full charge!
    • Custom-printed power bank is perfect for tech conferences or any event
    • Compatible with iPhone® 3/3G, 4/4S, other phones, iPad first and second generations, iPod and MP3 players
    • Includes a 2200 mAh battery and micro/USB cable

    As low as $7.89 each!

    • Power up your logo or message with this terrific tech promo!
    • ABS plastic cube-shaped universal international power bank designed for use as emergency battery charger for mobile phones
    • Device lights up red while charging power bank battery and blue when power bank is charging a device; light turns off once charge is complete
    • Individual phone attachments not included; charging cable is provided
    • Takes approximately 4 hours for full charge of battery and adds approximately 3 hours battery life to a cell phone
    • Power supply/Technology: INPUT: 5.0V800mA; OUTPUT: 5.0V/800mA. Rechargeable Lithium ion battery. Capacity 2200mAh
    • Instructions included; IEC 62133 CB Certified by TUV Laboratories

  • As low as $8.49 each!

    • Power up your marketing campaign with this versatile tech giveaway!
    • Power Bank has a 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion Grade A battery for charging smartphones, MP3 players and more
    • Includes a retractable phone stand and clip for ease of use while charging
    • Reusable power bank charges via USB cable (included) which can recharge the battery backup or charge up devices with a micro-USB input like Android smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, and others
    • Push button allows you to check the indicator lights to know when the device is fully charged
    • Input: 5V/500mA; Output: 5V/1000mA

    As low as $2.49 each!

    • Let this auto plug adapter shine a spotlight on your brand!
    • Perfect for charging any portable smart device such as smartphones, tablets or any device with a USB port
    • An LED light goes on to indicate when charge is complete
    • Input is 12-24 volts and output is 5V/1 amp

    As low as $9.99 each!

    * Emergency charger for cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, camera, Bluetooth, game consoles, GPS device-most any USB-compatible electronic gadget * Ultra-reliable, rechargeable battery * Includes standard USB connector cable to recharge bank from computer or any USB port with a power supply (Note: Phone charging cord not included) * 2200mAh capacity; 5.0V 1A output * Attached split metal ring clips conveniently to any bag or key ring * Convenient pouch included * Gift-boxed

    Results: 101 Products
    View Per Page: 20 | 40 | 80 | View All
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    View: ListGrid

    Convenient USB chargers are must-haves to keep cell phones, tablets and laptops charged when on the road. And portable power banks make it possible to charge dead cell phones or laptops when an electrical outlet or USB charging station isn't available. From USB car chargers to USB wall chargers, our variety of custom promotional items make welcome gifts for employees, students and business clients. These mobile chargers and USB chargers are essentials for those who travel for work or spend lots of time away from the office or classroom during the day.

    We carry unique USB chargers in different colors and styles, and these custom printed products can be plugged into laptops or computers to charge smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Portable power banks stand alone to charge devices, and these portable power packs are thoughtful gifts to offer staff or clients who travel internationally. Hand out USB car chargers at employee luncheons to staff who spend time commuting, and offer phone lounger charger stations to those who work full time in the office. Provide mobile chargers designed with LED flashlights so employees or students have an additional light source when needed.