International Housekeepers Appreciation

international housekeepers recognition awareness week

Celebrate the hard work and commitment of your housekeeping staff and reward their positive attitude that makes a positive difference! Show your appreciation during International Housekeepers Week or any day, with top-quality gifts from Positive Promotions that include everything you need to hold a successful event and to motivate your dedicated housekeeping team.

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Show your appreciation for a job well done! Reward and motivate your housekeeping staff by holding a memorable celebration during International Housekeepers Week. Held every year in September, this event celebrates the importance of the housekeeping profession, and here you'll find a wide selection of items sure to please your staff—and keep you within your budget.

Chosen with the help of professionals like you, our housekeepers appreciation gifts feature themes that recognize individual and team excellence, including Housekeeping: Positive Attitude, Positive Difference and the bestselling Housekeeping: We Make This Place Look Good! Plus, reward Spanish-speaking staff with gifts featuring our exclusive Servicio de Limpieza ¡Hacemos brillante este lugar! message and other surprises.

Discover everything you need to thank your housekeeping team, including popular t-shirts and apparel, insulated lunch bags and roomy tote bags, drinkware, lapel pins, and more. Or try stretching your budget with our popular, money-saving multi-gift combos, including Gift-A-Day packs and Raffle Packs, all designed to help make your event even more memorable by including something for everyone on your staff.