Presidential Election

Presidential Election

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As low as $20.95 per pack!

Designed to help children gain an understanding of, and appreciation for, the flag of the United States. Covers topics including:

  • Why the flag looks like it does
  • The flag's history
  • Important "flag holidays" such as Flag Day and Memorial Day
  • The national anthem
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Rules for flying and displaying the flag
  • Ways to be a good citizen, and more
For grades K-3

As low as $4.99 per pack!

Students will proudly wear this patriotic-theme ribbon honoring them for showing good citizenship.

As low as $6.90 per pack!

Place red, white and blue silicone bracelets on the wrists of students who demonstrate outstanding Citizenship. One size fits all. Lead-free, PVC-free and latex-free. FDA compliant.

As low as $0.27 each!

The front of the bookmark features citizens enthusiastically exercising their right to vote. Back lists 7 ways to make a difference in every election. An easy way to provide essential information.

As low as $9.95 per pack!

The front of the bookmark features our slogan, while the back list 7 ways one can make a difference in every election. A good reminder for adults and an educational tool for children.

As low as $0.35 each!

Promote good citizenship with six colorful designs. Each sticker contains symbols and themes that are associated with love of country: the flag, the American Bald Eagle and more.

As low as $0.43 each!

Focuses on the rights and responsibilities of cities, and on ways to show good citizenship, including: * Respecting the flag and other people * Helping the community * Respecting property * Voting * Paying taxes * And more. For grades 3-6.

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