Red Ribbon Week


Celebrate Red Ribbon Week - October 23-31, 2015

October Is Bullying Prevention Month

Show How Your School Rocks By Being Bully & Drug Free. Spread the knowledge and importance of drug prevention by teaching kids that having good habits early is vital for future success. Order now to get 10% Off during our Early Bird Special! Our products focus on educating and promoting bully & drug free schools, with new and exclusive themes such as "United We Stand Against Bullying & Drugs" and "I 'Mustache' You Not To Do Drugs."

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As low as $5.20 per pack!

Popular way for students to make a personal statement of their commitment to a drug-free life. * Bright Gold-Foil * Designs appeal to kids * Durable red satin ribbon. * 100 RIBBONS PER PACK.

  • 5 Stars

As low as $5.20 per pack!

Popular way for students to make a personal statement of their commitment to a drug-free and bully-free life. * Bright Gold-Foil * Designs appeal to kids * Durable red satin ribbon. * 100 RIBBONS PER PACK.

Sale • As low as $10.50 per pack!

Cool camouflage silicone bracelet not only makes a fashion statement, it makes two important anti-drug statments! Debossed message on outside reminds everyone they need to band together and Join The Fight Against Drugs. Message printed inside reads I Pledge To Be Drug Free. Fits all size wrists. Lead-free, PVC-free and latex-free.

Sale • As low as $9.75 per pack!

Theme days are effective ways to get students and teachers involved in Red Ribbon Week. Sized at a full 2" diameter, our stickers are larger in size and lower in price than most competitors.

Sale • As low as $49.95 each!

Kids will have fun wearing fake mustaches that reinforce the sticker theme. 200 stickers, 200 fake mustaches. 400 ITEMS IN ALL!

  • 4 Stars

Sale • As low as $22.95 per pack!

Promote Red Ribbon Week with this reinforcing message. Place great advice for staying drug free in every student's hand. This Red Ribbon Week sparkle foil pencil features compelling drug-free slogan on front and back.

  • 5 Stars

Sale • As low as $110.83 each!

Use this kit to remind kids that staying drug free is part of developing good character. * 100 Silicone Bracelets * 100 Pencils * 100 Self-Stick Ribbons * 300 items in all!

Sale • As low as $47.25 each!

Make sure your students maintain a relaxed, focused state of mind and avoid drugs by handing out a kit that includes: 100 Self-Stick Ribbons * 100 Pencils * 100 Lollipops * 300 items in all!

Sale • As low as $7.95 per pack!

Paper bracelet features a fun die-cut paw design and theme on front, plus three drug-free tips on back. Highly durable paper is stretch- and tear-resistant. Adhesive closure. Adjustable for all wrist sizes.

  • 3 Stars

Sale • As low as $53.95 each!

Encourage pride in your school as a place where students' goals and abilities are nutured during Red Ribbon Week and all year. Comes with a FREE Sharpie ® for kids to sign their names!

As low as $29.50 per pack!

Students will receive an energy burst from chewy Starbursts. Enclosed 2-sided card reinforces the important anti-drug message. Front displays our colorful Reach For The Stars Drug Free design. Back offers an inspiring verse for children to reflect on: I want to be the best I can be, so I promise to stay completely drug free. I will reach for the stars and do what's right so my future will shine extra bright!

Sale • As low as $17.95 per pack!

Teaches children wise decision-making skills. Fun and thoughtful activities walk kids through a 6-step process to making smart choices. Children learn how to apply this process to all aspects of their lives, including drug use, bullying, health, safety, character, and money management. (Grades: 4-6)

As low as $12.95 per pack!

A fun way to remind kids that to stay in the game, they need to be drug free! Hand out this fun mini kickball in the gym and at athletic events.

Sale • As low as $83.55 each!

Hand out a trio of incentives that remind students to treat their peers with kindness. Includes: * 100 Bookmarks * 100 Glow-In-The-Dark Pencils * 100 Buttons, all featuring our Kindness Makes A Difference theme. You save 10% off our individual prices.

Sale • As low as $14.95 per pack!

Inspire young readers to make positive changes that affect everyone for the better. Die-cut bookmark features inspiring quotation from Gandhi on the front and five ways to Stand Up And Speak Out For What's Right! on back.

  • 5 Stars

Sale • As low as $53.95 each!

Promote school unity and encourage students to stand up together against bullying. Students can use marker (included) to sign their names to this banner as a public statement of their intention to treat others with kindness and respect. Includes metal grommets for easy hanging.

  • 4 Stars

Sale • As low as $18.50 per pack!

Covers safe Internet behavior, such as visiting only kid-friendly websites, and teaches children how to handle online dangers. Topics include: * Information that is or is not OK to share * Preventing cyberbullying * Tips for parents and caregivers. Features Family Internet Safety Pledge and Internet Safety Certificate. All text and activities in English and Spanish. 50 ACTIVITIES BOOKS PER PACK.

Sale • As low as $34.99 each!

Supply yourself with a multitude of awards for students who "fill" their peers' "buckets" with positive actions. Includes 25 Laminated Tags, 25 Bookmarks, 25 Pencils, 100 Stickers and 1 bucket. 176 items in all! You save 10% off of our regular individual prices.

As low as $5.50 each!

Unisex 100% cotton crewneck T-shirt features our colorful, exclusive I'm A Bucket Filler design on front. Back lists traits of a 'bucket filler', including: I am polite and friendly to everyone; I help others without being asked; I treat others how I want to be treated; And two more.

Sale • As low as $39.95 each!

Box contains 150 colorful and motivational sparkle foil pencils at special savings. Teachers can keep the handy box on their desks and hand out the pencils to recognize students for their good character. Each pencil features the theme My Character Counts!, along with the attributes of good character.

Results: 539 Products
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This October, celebrate Red Ribbon Week, a time to spread awareness on the dangers of bullying, drug and tobacco use. Teaching kids good habits early is critical to future success, and Red Ribbon Week shows them that living above the influence of others can be the best way to live a happy life.

Our Red Ribbon Week materials focus on education and information for your anti-bullying programs. The best weapon in the fight against bullying, cyber bullying, drugs, and tobacco is other children. When kids see others their age engaging in bullying, they should not be afraid to tell an adult. In schools and on playgrounds, there's no better pair of eyes than those of their peers. Vigilant kids can go a long way towards protecting their friends and combating bullies.

Like all of the causes we support, Red Ribbon Week spreads an amazingly positive message. We'll help your children support this message with wristbands, water bottles, stationery, and of course, red ribbons. Whatever you choose, our promotional materials make this a fun and educational week for kids.