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Imprints Made Easy

Imprints Made Easy

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As low as $2.38 each!

Promote breast cancer awareness month with this great product. Handy kit covers both first aid and sewing emergencies! includes everything we need when on the go. Including a sewing kit, 4 latex-free vinyl bandages, 2 snip bandages, 3 antiseptic towelettes, 1 antacid packet, 200 mg ibuprofen packet, and a 2" x 3" adhesive pad. Two-tone case.

As low as $4.09 each!

Great giveaway for National Safety Month and Health Fairs * Great for travel * Holds 15 latex-free bandages, 3 antiseptic towelettes, 3 first first aid cream packets, 2 non-adherent sterile pads, 1 gauze roll, 1 roll adhesive tape, 1 first aid guide * Deluxe case available in solid or translucent colors with your imprint on cover

As low as $1.85 each!

Essential protective item! * One-way valve * Storage pouch with split keyring * One size fits all * Single use only.

As low as $3.00 each!

Be prepared for unexpected scrapes, cuts, splinters! * Kit includes 4 vinyl bandages, 2 antibacterial gel packs, 1 sewing kit, 1 Blistex packet, 1 antacid pack and 200mg. ibuprofen packet * Case will also hold a pair of reading glasses.

As low as $1.65 each!

* Travel tag holds on-the-go necessities * Includes 4 latex-free bandages, 4 antibacterial gel pockets, and ID card * Rugged design with sturdy strap

As low as $1.92 each!

Compact and ready when suddenly needed! Holds 4 latex vinyl bandages, 4 swabplus swabs, 2 snip bandages, 2" x 3" adhesive pad, first aid cream packet, instructions, antiseptic/anesthetic. Contemporary vinyl slim case.

As low as $1.75 each!

For sewing and first aid needs! * Sewing kit * 3 latex bandages, 2" x 3" adhesive pad, 1 antiseptic towelette, 1 antacid packet, 200 mg. ibuprofen packet * Great for sudden needs when traveling.

As low as $0.83 each!

Easy-to-carry kit is great for travel, commuting, students and seniors. Includes bandages, antiseptic and first aid guide in a handy matchbook-style folder with your personalized message.

As low as $4.36 each!

Be prepared for unexpected scrapes, cuts and splinters! * Kit includes: scissors, safety pins, bandage fasteners, alcohol swabs, tweezers, pill bottle, gloves, cotton swabs, medical tape, roll of cotton, gauze pad, adhesive bandages, sewing needle, thread and 2 buttons * Features zippered closure and belt loop attachment.

As low as $1.35 each!

Put safety-and your message-first! Slim, convenient with colored flip top lid. Fits in pocket or purse. Includes 2 adhesive bandages, hand sanitizer and triple antibiotic ointment.

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We make personalized imprinted items easily accessible. The first element of our personalized imprinted items is the items themselves. We understand that different businesses need to utilize different products. This is why; we offer such a wide array of products ready to be imprinted. Brand recognition is an imperative element of marketing. By placing your custom logo on a backpack, gym bag, computer bag, etc. You spread the message of your business. Our personalized imprinted items make this an extremely cost effective business move.

Personalized imprinted items give your business creative options. Every company can handpick personalized imprinted items, which are likely to target their main clientele. For example, if you’re a vitamin company, a personalized imprinted gym bag is a much better option than a computer backpack. Our personalized imprinted items give your business the tools to promote a business (itself) in the best possible way. Now that the different items, which can be personalized, have been explained, it is important to understand the messages.

Our personalized imprinted items can go far beyond a custom logo. If your company has a certain slogan, this is a great option for imprinting. This message can be something new, or something that has made your company recognizable for years. With personalized imprinted items, the personalized (personalization) factor puts the power completely in the hands of your business.