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Teach children to ride the school bus safely and responsibly with budget-friendly awareness giveaways and incentives. Encourage school bus drivers to maintain safety for all while on their bus routes with educational tools. Present bus drivers and staff with appreciation gifts for ensuring students arrive at school safely everyday! Positive Promotions personalized imprint items serve well for recruiting new bus drivers and promoting the services of transportation companies to school districts.

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As low as $0.45 each!

Kids take a "tour" of a house to try to discover home fire hazards. Puzzles, hidden pictures, word games and other fun activities reveal hazards and provide fire prevention tips. Also includes information about what to do in case a fire starts. Include personalization on front cover.

As low as $0.45 each!

Fun-A-to-Z format helps kids learn the basics of school bus safety. Starting with ALWAYS follow bus safety tips, topics cover everything from getting to the bus stop on time to riding safety and staying out of the danger zone. Includes a School Bus Safety Expert Certificate. 16 pages. (Grades Pre-K-3)

As low as $25.99 per pack!

Fun A-to-Z format helps kids learn the basics of school bus safety. Starting with ALWAYS follow bus tips, topics cover everthying from getting to the bus stop on time to riding safely and staying out of the danger zone. Includes a School Bus Safety Expert Certificate. For grades Pre-K thru K.

As low as $0.45 each!

Written and illustrated especially for preschoolers! Covers walking to the bus stop, winter safety, lining up at the stop, staying out of the danger zone, getting on and off the bus and how to be a safe rider. Full of delightful yet simple activities and easy-to-understand text. 16 pages. (Grades Pre-K-1)

As low as $0.45 each!

Teaches children their role in making school bus rides safe and peaceful-including how to deal with bullying. Presents safety rules for walking to the bus stop, waiting there, and riding the bus. Also encourages children to respect other riders, the driver, and property. 16 pages. (Grades 2-4)

As low as $0.45 each!

The "School Bus Bunch", a group of safety-smart students, teaches young readers how to be safe bus riders and deal with school bus bullies. Tips include: * Walk to the bus stop with a parent or friend * Board the bus in a single line * And more. Fun activities reinforce the lessons. 16 pages. (Grades K-3)

As low as $1.00 per pack!

100 tickets total. looking for breast cancer awareness merchandise, this product is a great for any fundraising run or walk.

As low as $1.89 each!

Popular tension-reliever! * Prominent personalization area * Whimsical relievers are appreciated by staff and students. Not intended for use by children 12 years old or younger.

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Schools are actively running prevention programs at least once a year if not once a semester. This item can be part of a safety awareness campaign for cycling, walking and school bus safety.

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As low as $0.45 each!

Twelve pages of clear text adults can read aloud, plus simple activities and ilustrations, provide the safety lessons first-time riders need. Four pages for parents and guardians help them to present bus safety tips to keep preschoolers safe. (Grade: Pre-K-Kindergarten)

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When students see this bright, colorful sticker in their collections or on their possessions, they'll be reminded that bullying has no place on the school bus. 200 stickers per roll.

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School Bus Safety Temporary Tattoo recognizes kids for their stellar bus safety skills and behavior on the bus. Washes off with soap. Non-toxic.

As low as $1.15 each!

* Color-coded badges quickly and easily visually identify the roles assigned to hospital staff members * Badge Buddy sits behind one's own ID badge: bottom lip extends below ID so color panel displaying title can be seen * Accomodates any standard-sized ID * Choose from vertical and horizontal orientation * Laminated for durability * Minimum order: 100 (Each color minimum of 25)

As low as $2.59 each!

Great giveaway to promote your organization during National Safety Month. Kit includes a First Aid Pocket Pal for reference, 4 bandages, 4 sterile alcohol pads, 1 antiseptic towelette, 1 first aid and burn cream. First Aid Kit features a keyring holder. Can be placed in car, pocketbook or locker. Great for travel. Zippered kit with keyring holder features Fist Aid Kit standard slogan on back and your personalization on front.

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As low as $0.45 each!

Fun and informative book explains how riders can act in safe ways that show responsibility, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, respect, courage, leadership, and patience. Gives examples for desirable behavior on the bus as well as to and from the bus stop. 16 pages. (Grades 3-6)

As low as $1.45 each!

Motivate students to treat each other with respect and take a stand against bullying. Includes: * Let's Keep Our School Bus Safe & Bully Free Educational Activities Book * Be A Buddy Not A Bully Backpack Tag * Be A Buddy, Not A Bully Heat Sensitive Pencil. You'll save 10% off of our regular individual prices.

As low as $2.35 each!

Keep younger students busy and teach them key points about school bus safety. All items, including FREE 16-page Educational Activities Book, come packaged in our exclusively designed, resealable and reusable carryall bag with die-cut handles. Card on back of bag explains contents: * Educational Activities Book * Crayons * Bookmark * Stickers * Temporary Tattoo * Pledge Card * Smarties Candy. You'll enjoy over 25% savings off the regular individual prices per pack. For grades K-3.

As low as $1.29 each!

* School Bus Safety Is Cool Educational Activities Book * School Bus Safety Is Cool Bookmark * Be Cool Follow School Bus safety Rules Heat Sensitive Pencil * Comes pre-packaged for easy distribution * You'll save 15% off of our regular individual prices

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As low as $4.95 per pack!

Colorful bookmark features school bus safety slogans and a 7" ruler on both sides. 10 Rules Of Bus Safety on back include: * Wear bright clothes so the bus driver easily sees you * line up quietly in a single file away from the road * Keep the aisles clear * And more.

As low as $2.50 each!

Perfect for stopping off at the market-or holding bus supplies! Recyclable tote is made of non-woven, coated, water-resistent polypropylene. 8" bottom gusset keeps tote from tipping. Sturdy 21" handles. Hand washable.

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Celebrate National School Bus Safety Week

In October with products that promote responsible behavior and help prevent bullying. We carry budget-friendly gifts, including activities books, pencils, stickers, ID cards, wristbands, T-shirts, totes, tumblers, backpacks, and more.