I'm Voting For My Future I'm Drug Free


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Encourage children to make a commitment to be drug free. Card allows them to sign and date a pledge promising to keep away from drugs. Cards can be carried in kids' wallets as an everyday reminder of their pledges. Made of durable, plastic-like Kimdura.

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Promote Red Ribbon Week with this reinforcing message. Symbolize your commitment to a drug free community by choosing this gold-stamped, red satin ribbon. Students, teachers, administrators, counselors, parents and community leaders will be proud to wear this ribbon that advocates a drug free life.

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Prepares children for the start of their school career and what to expect in the classroom. Just for Parents section includes info on preparing for the first day and ensuring school success.

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Teach children to make the smart choice by staying drug free. The book discusses the the dangers of drugs and helps children learn decision-making skills. Includes information about: * How choices shape our future * Ways to say "No" * Positive things to do instead of drugs * And more. Fun activities reinforce the message. 16 pages. (Grades K-3)

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Students will take a drug-free stand wearing this button. Safety pin back.

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Enlist youngsters in your drug prevention campaign! Classic red, white and blue Uncle Sam design rallies kids around positive lifestyle choices with its unique declaration I Want You To Be Drug Free. Display this attention-getting poster at drug prevention rallies, in the classroom, and throughout your school.

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Theme days are effective ways to get students and teachers involved in Red Ribbon Week events that fight drugs. Sized at a full 2" diameter, our sticker is larger than most competitors, and priced less, too. Your students will love them...and you'll love the value!

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Distribute this economical pack to every student in your school. As youngsters proudly wear the self-stick ribbon and use the bookmark and pencil, they'll proclaim a drug free message. Plus you'll save 10% off our regular prices of individual items!

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