Academic Awards & Incentives

Academic Awards & Incentives

Show students your pride in their efforts and inspire them to achieve new goals with our exciting selection of academic awards and incentives. Not only can you help make a difference in the lives of your students, but giving awards will also motivate, reinforce, and recognize their achievements at end-of-year ceremonies or any day. From medallions and certificates to ribbons, award tags and more, find cost-effective solutions to rewarding perfect attendance, honor roll recipients, excellence in school subjects, special graduates, and more.

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Reward your students' achievements with our academic awards and incentives. Whether they're given at end-of-year assemblies, quarterly ceremonies, or in the classroom as instant recognition for a job well done, there are so many ways to inspire students to do their best and help them show pride in their accomplishments. You'll also find special Class of 2016 mementos for your school's moving up or graduation ceremonies.

From tags for every month of the year and bracelets to pencils and certificates, attendance awards are excellent methods of rewarding students for being in school—and on time—every day, which can be crucial to academic success and future goals. Choose from fun themes like My Attendance Rocks!, or select a variety of attendance awards to hand out to different classes or grades.

Recognize students' academic excellence at the close of the school year with honor roll and "A-B" honor roll products like ribbons, certificates, and themed tags with chains, great for handing out at Honors assemblies and awards ceremonies. You'll also find a unique selection of Student Of The Month awards in colorful designs they'll wear with pride. Another way to boost students' pride in their achievements is with our Principal's Awards. Discover plaques, trophies, medallions, pencils, stickers, and more items for showing special recognition to your school's outstanding students.

Check out our Positive Patches and Positive Patch Bracelets, an exciting new line of embroidered rewards kids will love to display! Available in multiple colorful designs, they're perfect for recognizing students' academic achievements and displays of good character. Each patch comes with a beaded chain, so students can collect them and easily attach to a backpack, while the bracelets are sure to get attention worn on the wrist.

For those students who exhibit kindness and positive behavior, we offer popular I'm A Bucket Filler themed items or colorful Caught Doing The Right Thing awards. And don't forget our huge selection of motivational awards for reading achievement, including cool themed bookmarks, special digital reading timers, book bags and so much more for children to enjoy as they're inspired by the power of reading. Whatever your needs, shop our full selection of Academic Awards and Incentives to motivate students, reward their accomplishments at the end of the year, and inspire them to achieve their goals.