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Academic Awards & Incentives

Academic Awards & Incentives

You can make a tremendous difference in the lives of your students by recognizing their achievements. Reward your students with our exciting budget-friendly gifts. Present them at quarterly ceremonies, during graduation, or at anytime you see student achievement.

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Motivate students to achieve throughout the school year with our Academic Awards & Incentives. Rewarding and reinforcing students' success is easy with motivational products. From dog tags, to t-shirts, to bracelets and ribbons our large assortment of awards and incentives are positive reminders to students how much they have accomplished and can help set future goals. Straight through end of the year award ceremonies, academic awards and incentives can be a driving force behind strengthening student ambition.

Encouraging students with academic awards and incentives is an effective and inexpensive way of supporting academic advancements. We offer a broad range of school giveaways to reward students for academic achievement in areas like reading or math achievement and honor roll placement, behavioral awards like showing good character, and other honor awards like student of the month or perfect attendance. Fun products and fun themes like “Thanks For Being One Of Our Stars,” “We Rock,” and “I'm A Bucket Filler,” just to name a few, are sure to motivate students to work hard for academic success in preparation for the school year's close.

For more information on Academic Awards and Incentives merchandise and promotional products from Positive Promotions, give us a call at (800) 635-2666!