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Celebrate Safety Awareness Month using our educational tools from Positive Promotions that are both delicious and fun. We carry snack packs that teach kids how to stay smart while playing outside by following five important safety tips. Our bicycle themed gifts include candy gifts that provide an incentive for kids to read their two-sided safety cards. Our gifts for bicycle safety for kids are ideal for distributing while children are visiting the local fire house or rescue center, or for simply sharing in a classroom.

Use our Safety Awareness Month gifts to encourage children to learn more about keeping safe by wearing protective gear. Our snack packs are part of our bicycle themed gifts that provide tips on skateboarding too.

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    Smarties Practice Safety Every Day Treat Bags Snack Packs Smarties Candy Gifts, Hard Candy Gifts & Individually Wrapped Hard Candies Share candy gifts like Smarties candy that kids will love, and teach them about bike safety at the same time. Support bicycle safety for kids with our gifts that contain helpful card that list five special safety tips. See More
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During Safety Awareness Month, share snack packs with educational safety tips to teach children to avoid common dangers when they are outside.

Find Safety Awareness Month gifts at Positive Promotions to share with a classroom full of children, or to pass out at a community health fair. Our snack packs are a favorite with the children, and the kids love to read the educational cards that are included. Use bicycle themed gifts to take the opportunity to teach kids to wear helmets whenever they are on a bike, and to look both ways before crossing the street. Bicycle safety for kids is more important than ever, and every child can learn how to avoid common problems.
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