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Gifts For EMT's & Emergency Phone Number Lists

Emergency Response Guides & Medical Brochures

Stick educational tools with important emergency information in convenient locations for quick and easy reference. Innovative as gifts for EMT's, medical brochures custom printed by Positive Promotions display steps for CPR and other precautions. Fill in emergency phone number lists with individual information and important numbers. Customize emergency response guides with a personalized message, design or logo at the bottom.

Handy educational tools are easy to keep nearby. Gifts for EMT's such as emergency phone number lists are on EZ stick glancers to put anywhere.

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Important educational tools and medical brochures are innovative gifts for EMT's and other medical field employees.

Give educational tools that are convenient to have around in case of an emergency. Especially handy as gifts for EMT's and other medical professionals, bright and noticeable EZ stick glancers make it easy to reference important information when needed. Fill out the emergency phone number lists glancer to never forget an emergency number. Make emergency response guides unique with a personalized message or logo design at the bottom.
Products 1 - 2 of 2