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EMS Week Gifts & Customized Magnets

Kitchen Magnets & Personalized Magnets

Place fridge magnets from Positive Promotions on your refrigerator, and some of our magnets can also be attached to cars. Ideal EMS Week gifts, our magnets feature EMS-themed designs and messages. Give customized magnets that include your company logo along with an inspirational quote. Look for kitchen magnets that celebrate the contributions of EMS workers, or choose kitchen magnets that display vital emergency information, such as medical conditions, allergies and emergency contact numbers.

Place EMS fridge magnets from Positive Promotions on your refrigerator to celebrate the hard work of these dedicated emergency workers. Give our magnets for EMS Week gifts that will be appreciated every day.

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Personalize our fridge magnets with a company logo and an inspirational quote or motivational note.

Explore the colorful fridge magnets at Positive Promotions when you want eye-catching emergency magnets or decorative magnets that celebrate hard working EMS personnel. Present these magnets as EMS Week gifts to EMS team members, or give our kitchen magnets to EMS staff any time you want to let them know you appreciate their daily dedication. Create customized magnets with the company logo and a thoughtful message. Our EMS-themed kitchen magnets can also be placed in cars, on file cabinets and other high-visibility metal surfaces.

Look for fridge magnets with distinctive shapes tied to the EMS profession. You'll find EMS Week gifts such as ambulance-shaped magnets, or you might find magnets printed with a reminder to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency. Design customized magnets with personalized imprints in colors such as red, blue, black, orange and green. Our kitchen magnets are durable and made of strong yet flexible materials.
Products 1 - 7 of 7