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For creative and personalized EMS week ideas, Positive Promotions offers top quality gadgets, accessories and other fun and practical gifts that are sure to be a hit with the whole team. Many of our useful gifts are ideal for employees who are on the go, including soft sided insulated cooler bags, car cell phone chargers and waterproof picnic blankets. Or select smaller staff appreciation week gifts, including detachable key rings, customized refrigerator magnets or ID wallets. We offer EMS gifts for a wide range of budgets.

Our EMS week ideas can be customized with a meaningful message, such as "Answering the Call, Giving Our All," or "Proud American EMT." These useful gifts will help make employees feel valued and appreciated, like the heroes they really are. Staff appreciation week is a great time to express your gratitude with one of our fun and exciting products employees will use time and time again. Give EMS gifts any time you want to reward your team for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Our EMS week ideas will stimulate workers to reach greater heights with inspiring messages that promote teamwork and success. Customize our useful gifts with your own meaningful message that will galvanize the entire team.

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  • White USB Car Charger Auto Accessories » Car Cell Phone Chargers, USB Adapters & EMS Gifts (2 Products) View All »
    White USB Car Charger Auto Accessories EMS Car Chargers, Cell Phone Adapters & USB Phone Chargers Our USB car chargers are more than cell phone car chargers. Use these convenient EMS week gifts to charge any USB compatible device while you drive. See More
  • EMS Answering The Call Giving Our All Picnic Cooler Baskets » Insulated Coolers, Soft Picnic Bags & EMS Cooler Bags (2 Products) View All »
    EMS Answering The Call Giving Our All Picnic Cooler Baskets EMS Coolers, Insulated Picnic Cooler Bags & Soft Coolers Personalized picnic coolers are a great way to express your gratitude for a job well done. These EMS gifts make every outing a celebration, and feature sturdy aluminum handles and collapsible insulated cooler bags that hold up to 30 cans. See More
  • EMS Answering The Call Giving Our All Roll-Up Fleece Picnic Blanket Blankets » Waterproof EMS Blankets, National EMS Week Blankets & Outdoor Waterproof picnic blankets (1 Products) View All »
    EMS Answering The Call Giving Our All Roll-Up Fleece Picnic Blanket Blankets EMS Week Picnic Blankets, Waterproof Outdoor Blankets & Picnic Blankets Give cozy fleece outdoor picnic blankets to employees and show how much you appreciate their hard work and service. During national EMS week, discover our wide selection of customized employee recognition gifts, including backpacks, water bottles, totes and waterproof picnic blankets. See More
  • 9-LED Metal Flashlight (Black) Flashlights » Custom Auto Emergency Tools, Custom LED Flashlights & EMS Custom Gifts (8 Products) View All »
    9-LED Metal Flashlight (Black) Flashlights LED Flashlight EMS Gifts, Custom EMS Gifts, Auto Emergency Flashlights & Tools Look for LED flashlights in colors such as blue, black, red and gunmetal. Ideal EMS gifts for EMS staff, these handy auto emergency tools include useful features like hand straps and magnetic bases. See More
  • EMS Answering The Call Giving Our All Salad To Go Shaker & Magnet Combo Houseware » EMS Gift Containers & Shakers, EMS Week Gift Collapsible Bowls, Lunch Salad Bowls (2 Products) View All »
    EMS Answering The Call Giving Our All Salad To Go Shaker & Magnet Combo Houseware Salad Containers, Salad Lunch Shakers, EMS Collapsible Bowls & Gifts, EMS Week Containers Offer salad lunch containers to your EMS staff members to say, "Thanks for all of your hard work and commitment." Create memorable EMS Weeks gifts by customizing our plastic salad shakers with names, the company logo and thoughtful personal messages. See More
  • EMS Answering The Call Giving Our All Pull-Apart Key Ring Key Chains » Detachable EMS Key Rings, Pull Apart Keychain Gifts & Key Ring Gifts (2 Products) View All »
    EMS Answering The Call Giving Our All Pull-Apart Key Ring Key Chains EMS Pull Apart Keychains Gifts, Pull Apart & Detachable Key Ring Gifts Create a customized pull apart keychain quickly with the easy-to-use customization tabs on our website, and some of our detachable key rings boast elegant silver plating and polished rings. Practical EMS gifts, our pull apart keychains are sure to be used and treasured every day. See More
  • Ambulance-Shaped Magnet (Personalized) Magnets » EMS Gifts, Customized Fridge Magnets & EMS Magnets, EMS Week Kitchen Magnets (7 Products) View All »
    Ambulance-Shaped Magnet (Personalized) Magnets EMS Fridge Magnets, EMS Week Gift Magnets & Customized Kitchen Magnets Find useful fridge magnets that contain vital emergency contact numbers or list medical conditions and known allergies. Customized magnets are ideal EMS Week gifts, and our customized magnets can be imprinted with a company logo and meaningful personal messages. See More
  • EMS Committed To Our Community Safety Hammer Tools » National EMS Week Multi Purpose Tools, Auto Window Breakers & Car Emergency Tools (2 Products) View All »
    EMS Committed To Our Community Safety Hammer Tools Multi Purpose Auto Emergency Tools, National EMS Week Tools & Car Window Breaker Tools Look for multi purpose tools with car window breakers because these handy attachments can help you escape during an auto emergency. Create personalized National EMS Week gifts by adding your company logo and thoughtful messages to our multi purpose tools. See More
  • Child ID Kit Travel Accessories » EMS Week Children Gifts, Kids Identification Cards, Child ID Kits & Cards (1 Products) View All »
    Child ID Kit Travel Accessories Children ID Kits, Kids EMS Week Gifts, Kids Identification Kits & Child ID Cards Look for child identification kits that round up vital information such as your children's medical information and fingerprints, and be sure to create children ID cards that are perfect for wallets and backpacks. Give these kits as EMS Week gifts to thank EMS team members for their hard work and dedication. See More
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For thoughtful EMS week ideas, look no further than the fun and practical gifts at Positive Promotions.

We have EMS week ideas to please everyone on your gift list, from durable flashlights and USB chargers to customized salad shakers. Employees will love useful gifts that emphasize personal safety, including emergency tire gauge sets, car safety hammers and handy multi-tools. Or select staff appreciation week gifts that capitalize on the great outdoors - from soft fleece picnic blankets to collapsible soft-sided coolers, we make every day a celebration. Our top quality EMS gifts will be a welcome surprise.

EMS week ideas from Positive Promotions make it easier than ever to express your gratitude for a job well done. Our useful gifts reflect the latest consumer trends, making them a popular choice among employers who appreciate top quality merchandise their workers will use and embrace. Make a statement during staff appreciation week, no matter what your budget, with one of our clever and customized gifts. Our EMS gifts are not only practical, they can also display an inspiring message that will resonate with your unique group of employees.

Looking for EMS week ideas that will generate an overwhelmingly positive response? Then customize our useful gifts with a personal message that will make your gesture one of a kind. Many of our staff appreciation week gifts display such familiar industry slogans as "Answering the Call, Giving Our All" - or feel free to come up with your own special message to express your gratitude, build teamwork or put a smile on employees' faces. Personalized EMS gifts are a sure way to please the entire team and express your goodwill.

Our EMS week ideas, including housewares, safety gear and clever gadgets, will make staff feel valued and appreciated. We specialize in developing useful gifts employees will actually keep and use time and time again. For top quality staff appreciation gifts, Positive Promotions has developed a wide assortment of exciting products that can be customized with your company's logo or slogan, from blankets to flashlights to USB chargers. Make your EMS gifts a genuine and meaningful expression of gratitude.
Products 1 - 20 of 27