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EMS Week Gifts & Fire Hats For Kids

Firefighter Hats For Kids & Plastic Fire Hats

Use firefighter hats for kids from Positive Promotions so the children in the community can pretend they are real emergency service providers. These EMS Week gifts include sturdy plastic hats with paramedic shields or firefighter shields that can be imprinted with a customized message. Make the fire hats for kids even more special with our stock art selection that includes school mascots, firetrucks or other messages. We carry plastic fire hats that are ideal for community service providers in any area.

Our hats for kids make the perfect giveaway item at community events or school field trips. These colorful EMS Week gifts are a great tool for teaching children about safety, and the fire hats for kids will act as a constant reminder to keep safe.

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Children love hats for kids that look like real firefighter and paramedic hats, so they can pretend that they are real emergency medical personnel.

We carry hats for kids that can be customized for your community fire department, ambulance service or emergency medical personnel. EMS Week gifts such as colorful plastic firefighter hats inspire children to consider a career in health care or emergency services. Our sturdy fire hats for kids feature a colorful sticker shaped like a shield to personalize each hat. Customize plastic fire hats with your community logo or fire safety message to help kids remember a special field trip to the local fire station.

Give hats for kids from Positive Promotions to remind children of important fire safety rules. Our EMS Week gifts can be customized with short messages about fire safety rules to inspire children to be cautious. Whether the fire hats for kids feature a school mascot or safety message, these giveaway items show how much you care about the community. We carry plastic fire hats that kids will wear over and over again during their recess or playtime.
Products 1 - 4 of 4