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EMS Week Gifts & Fire Stickers

Safety Stickers & Pet Fire Safety Stickers

We carry medical stickers at Positive Promotions to show rescue personnel how much they mean to the people in their community. We carry EMS week gifts that emergency personnel can share with visitors, including gold junior paramedic stickers that kids love to use. Our fire stickers are reflective so firefighters can locate children and pets in an emergency and help bring them to safety. Colorful safety stickers feature cartoon characters that offer advice to young children, and advise them to call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

Our medical stickers at Positive Promotions feature friendly cartoon characters with helpful fire safety advice for the children in the community. Our EMS week gifts include fire stickers, emergency locator reflective stickers and silicone wristbands.

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Attractive medical stickers are ideal for sharing fire safety tips with friends and neighbors, and they make great EMS week gifts.

Use medical stickers from Positive Promotions to share your appreciation for emergency medical personnel in the community. These fun EMS week gifts come in small packages and rolls with up to 100 stickers so they are easy to distribute at county fairs and school events. Reflective fire stickers can be placed in windows of the family home to alert firefighters to the location of small children or pets. Our safety stickers are designed to promote safety in schools, homes and the community.

Kids love medical stickers that feature short safety messages and bright, colorful cartoon characters. Look for EMS week gifts that emergency medical personnel can share with the community to help teach people how to protect themselves. Our fire stickers are designed to look like gold shields and feature phrases such as "Junior Paramedic" and "Future EMT." We carry safety stickers, educational posters and fire safety hats in our wide inventory that includes the best EMS Week Gifts.
Products 1 - 9 of 9