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Gifts For Kids & Employee Recognition Gifts

EMS Week Gifts & Staff Appreciation Gifts

Fun EMS gifts from Positive Promotions in a goody bag for visitors or in a basket by the door are just the thing to build good will. We have gifts for kids that they will enjoy while also becoming comfortable with EMS personnel and learning the value of 911. We also have employee recognition gifts that you can personalize with custom imprints to show your esteem. Stock up on EMS Week gifts and while you’re at it, get staff appreciation gifts for the whole year that will make everyone happy.

Find the best EMS gifts for visitors to your department. We have gifts for kids that will help teach them about the value of 911 and emergency workers.

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  • Be Bright About Safety Glow Bracelet Bracelets » EMS Bracelets, Safety Gifts & Bulk Glow In The Dark Bracelets (2 Products) View All »
    Be Bright About Safety Glow Bracelet Bracelets Glow in the Dark Bracelets, EMS Safety Bracelets & Safety Wristbands Find glow bracelets to light up the evening for your next party or employee gathering. Our EMS gifts include glow in the dark wristbands that can be worn as bracelets or anklets to add some light to your next event. See More
  • Non-Toxic Crayons Crayons » National EMS Week Crayons, Kids Crayons & 4 Pack Non Toxic Crayons (1 Products) View All »
    Non-Toxic Crayons Crayons Non Toxic Crayons For Kids, EMS Week Crayons & EMS Week Kids love 4 pack crayons for creating delightful artwork for their friends and family. Our National EMS Week crayons are non-toxic, so they are safe to distribute to children during field trips and other events. See More
  • Junior EMT Helmet Fun Kids Hats » EMS Fire Hats for Kids, Plastic Hats & EMS Fire Hats (4 Products) View All »
    Junior EMT Helmet Fun Kids Hats EMS Hats, Fire Hats & EMS Hats for Kids Fun hats for kids are great giveaway items during the county fair, community events and field trips, especially when teaching children about fire safety. We carry EMS Week gifts that can be customized for each community such as plastic fire hats for kids. See More
  • Personalized Silicone Wrist Bracelet Silicone Bracelets » Custom Wristbands, EMS Bracelets & Silicone Wristband Gifts (5 Products) View All »
    Personalized Silicone Wrist Bracelet Silicone Bracelets Custom Silicone Wristbands, EMS Wristbands & Custom Bracelets Popular silicone bracelets are available in a variety of colors including bright blue, yellow and even pink camouflage to advertise any volunteer organization or event. Give EMS gifts such as these custom silicone bracelets to support a favorite cause in any community. See More
  • (Pet Locator) Emergency Locator Reflective Stickers Stickers » Fire Safety Stickers, EMS Stickers & Fire Week Gifts (9 Products) View All »
    (Pet Locator) Emergency Locator Reflective Stickers Stickers EMS Week Stickers, Fire Week Stickers & Safety Gifts Friendly medical stickers help EMS personnel teach children about fire safety, emergency procedures and how to call 9-1-1. Share EMS week gifts that are ideal for sharing with community members, and parents particularly enjoy receiving child locator stickers. See More
  • Ambulance Squeeze Toy (Your 3-line personalization) Stress Relievers » Desk Stress Toys, EMT Stress Reliever Toys & Desk Squeeze Toys (1 Products) View All »
    Ambulance Squeeze Toy (Your 3-line personalization) Stress Relievers EMT Stress Reliever, Stress Reliever Gifts & EMT Stress Toys Soft polyfoam stress relievers are ideal for helping scared and anxious patients distract themselves from the situation at hand. Share EMS Week gifts like these stress reliever toys that emergency medical personnel will enjoy using in their ambulance or hospital setting. See More
  • EMS Committed To Our Community Temporary Tattoos Tattoos » EMS Week, Temporary Fake Tattoos & EMS Tattoos (9 Products) View All »
    EMS Committed To Our Community Temporary Tattoos Tattoos EMS Fake Tattoos, Temporary EMS Tattoos & Medical Tattoos Our temporary tattoos are made of non-toxic materials that are safe for children and easy to wash off sensitive skin. National EMS Week is a great time to use fake tattoos to show children how much their emergency workers care about helping others. See More
  • EMS Pop-Out "Color Me" Paper Ambulance Toys » EMS Kids Crafts, Kids Games & Kids Paper Crafts (1 Products) View All »
    EMS Pop-Out "Color Me" Paper Ambulance Toys Kids Crafts, EMS Crafts for Children & Paper Craft Projects Fun crafts for children will keep kids busy for hours while they enjoy spending time learning about emergency medical services. Give EMS Week gifts such as kids coloring games that volunteers can share with children of all ages. See More
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With custom EMS gifts, you can give gifts for kids and adults that will carry your department’s name out into the world.

EMS gifts come in all sizes and styles at Positive Promotions, including personalized promotional items and thoughtful staff appreciation gifts. We have gifts for kids that visit your station house or department, including crayons, hats, stickers, tattoos and coloring activities. We also have employee recognition gifts, including bracelets and stress relievers. Put together EMS Week gifts in a goody bag and hand them out as prizes or with information during open houses and public events.

What makes our EMS gifts unique is the ability to customize them with you choice of logos, department mottos or supportive words. Our gifts for kids and adults can also be picked out with imprints already on them, such as “EMS Committed To Our Community” and “EMS Count On Us When Seconds Count.” Make employee recognition gifts thoughtful as well as practical with the addition of names, unit numbers or personal expressions. Give EMS Week gifts and assorted staff appreciation gifts that show just how much you value the dedication and hard work of your team.
Products 1 - 20 of 32