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Safety Week Ideas & Employee Recognition Pins

Award Pins & Years of Service Pins

Stock up on recognition lapel pins from Positive Promotions and make a ceremony of rewarding length of service and dedication. Make it part of your Safety Week ideas to highlight the fact that without safety you won’t be earning years of service pins. Give out employee recognition pins on every anniversary and thank people for their loyalty. Our award pins come in different colors, each representing a milestone, so that your team can try to earn the whole set.

Recognition lapel pins give a sense of accomplishment. Add to your Safety Week ideas with service anniversary pins that mark time without an accident.

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Buy individual recognition lapel pins or get the whole set all at once and honor your employees’ work.

Recognition lapel pins are badges of honor that show loyalty and dedication, and Positive Promotions has a full range of years of service pins. Among your Safety Week ideas, consider recognizing histories of safe employment. Our employee recognition pins come in velvet-lined jewel boxes that are ideal for presentation, showing the value you place on continued service. Our award pins are stylish and eye-catching so people will know they are something special when they see them.

Recognition lapel pins aren’t just for the lapel either: Employees can wear them on hats, vests and smocks or add them to bulletin boards or award banners. Safety Week ideas should reinforce a culture of commitment to safety, and years of service pins can also be given for years of service without an accident. Employee recognition pins are collector items, and people will be proud if they can earn the whole set. Award pins are a small but fun way to recognize the hard work and dedication required of your team.
Products 1 - 8 of 8