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Employee Appreciation Ideas & Staff Gift Ideas

When Safety Awareness Month rolls around this year, be ready with staff gift ideas from Positive Promotions. Find breakaway lanyards and badge holders with emergency contact cards to help create an environment of safety awareness. Give them as staff appreciation gifts or hand them out for public events as a way to build community relations. When you’re looking for employee appreciation ideas, check out our many unique and custom gift ideas.

This Safety Awareness Month, drive home the message of safety with our many staff gift ideas. The best lanyards and badge holders can be handed out to visitors, given as raffle prizes or awarded to staff for accomplishments. Staff appreciation gifts don’t have to be big to be effective at letting your people know you care. Our employee appreciation ideas are effective because we have high-quality gifts that are the kinds of things that people will want to use every day.

Hand out Safety Awareness Month trinkets to the community to spread the safety message. Breakaway lanyards and badge holders to carry emergency contact information make great public gifts.

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    In Case Of Emergency (ICE) I.D. Card Badge Holders Ice Alert Cards, National Safety Month Cards & Emergency Alert Cards Medical ID cards are there to help first responders in an emergency, and Positive Promotions has ice medical ID cards that can be clipped on a pack or stuck in wallet. Get prepared during National Safety Month with up-to-date medical alert cards. See More
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    Work Safe, Play Safe, Live Safe Safety Breakaway Lanyard Lanyards Unique Badge Lanyards, Safety Awareness Lanyards & Employee Lanyards Badge lanyards are the easy way to carry and display badges, and Positive Promotions has unique ID badge lanyards. For Safety Awareness Month, get everyone on your team matching lanyards for badges. See More
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Spread the Safety Awareness Month message with lanyards and badge holders from Positive Promotions.

Safety Awareness Month is a great time to give away little safety reminders and helpful items to get people in the safe-thinking mode, and Positive Promotions has what you need. We have lanyards and badge holders as well as emergency contact cards that help people keep important information close. Give them as staff appreciation gifts or give them to visitors and spread the message. We have employee appreciation ideas that you and your staff will enjoy.

Start Safety Awareness Month off right by handing out our handy ID cards that have space for personal and medical information. Hang them from lanyards and badge holders, clip them to backpacks or take off the clip and slip them in wallets. Give them out as staff appreciation gifts, pass them out at public events or give them to visitors because these cards are important in case of an emergency. If you need employee appreciation ideas, start with things they can really use.

Continue Safety Awareness Month celebrations with Positive Promotions’ breakaway lanyards, so you don’t have to worry about them getting snagged on something and hurting you. We have the best lanyards and badge holders for carrying keys or keeping a badge handy to be swiped. Upgrade lanyards with staff appreciation gifts for everyone on your team of our best lanyards and badge holders. When looking for employee appreciation ideas, share a safety message with a lanyard that says “Work Safe Play Safe Live Safe.”

Take the lessons of Safety Awareness Month and carry them through the year with our lanyards and emergency contact ID holders. Looking at the lanyards and badge holders with safety messages will help build a culture and habit of safe behaviors. Staff appreciation gifts build morale and a sense of loyalty and are a great way to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. If you need employee appreciation ideas, we have the best staff gift ideas for every occasion and situation.
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