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National Safety Week & Gifts For Staff

Prepare for Safety Awareness Month by sharing valuable information about staying safe and reducing the risk of injuries. Our educational gifts include handy slide guides that teach employees about driving safely and avoiding distracted driving. In addition, some staff appreciation gifts offer advice on quitting smoking, preventing falls and lifting heavy items safely. During National Safety Week, providing helpful tools to protect employees is a thoughtful way to show that you care.

Safety Awareness Month is a great time to remind employees to practice safety techniques that prevent injuries. With educational gifts like our guide to ergonomics, you can help protect your employees while giving them thoughtful staff appreciation gifts.

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  • Disaster Recovery Guide Spanish Edition Guides » National Disaster Preparedness, Safety Educational Calendars & Disaster Recovery (5 Products) View All »
    Disaster Recovery Guide Spanish Edition Guides Safety Educational Gifts, Disaster Preparedness Gifts & Safety Week Educational gifts like our disaster preparedness guides prepare people for emergencies like hurricanes and earthquakes. Share information about National Safety Week so everyone can learn how to make an emergency plan. See More
  • Blood Pressure Recorder Pocket Pal (Spanish) Pocket Pals » Safety Pocket Pals, CPR Guides & Safety Quick Reference (5 Products) View All »
    Blood Pressure Recorder Pocket Pal (Spanish) Pocket Pals Pocket Medical Guides, CPR Reference & Safety Week Guides Choose Pocket Pals from Positive Promotions to remind you how to monitor blood pressure or administer CPR. We carry Safety Week ideas like first aid kits that can be used at home, at work or at a sporting event. See More
  • Drinking & Driving Calculator Slide Guides » Health Guides, Safety Week Guides & Driving Tips (17 Products) View All »
    Drinking & Driving Calculator Slide Guides Health Tips, Safety Tips & Safety Week Tips Our convenient health and safety tips are included in handy booklets that fit into a purse or desk drawer for easy reference. Find Safety Week ideas that offer work safety tips like safe lifting practices, preventing falls and driving safely. See More
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Helpful Safety Awareness Month tools include educational gifts that teach employees about CPR, disaster preparation and more.

Celebrate Safety Awareness Month with handy guides from Positive Promotions that provide helpful information about remaining safe in a variety of situations. Use our educational gifts to increase safety at your facility by reminding employees how to perform CPR and offer first aid. With these staff appreciation gifts, your workers have easy access to emergency advice. Share these National Safety Week gifts and help keep your staff informed about the best emergency procedures.

Safety Awareness Month is also about preventing accidents and making your employees safer in their everyday lives. Our educational gifts include advice on safe lifting techniques as well as preventing sprains and strains. In addition, our staff appreciation gifts include informative calculators to help employees measure the cost of smoking or the estimated blood alcohol level based on individual characteristics. Some National Safety Week information and guides are available in both English and Spanish.
Products 1 - 20 of 27