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Safety Awareness Month, Scratch & Win Cards

Good Raffle Prizes & Scratch Off Cards

Use raffle prizes as an innovative way to get employees excited about safety in the workplace. During Safety Awareness Month, encourage staff members to recognize others who have been, "Caught Working Safely," or, "Caught Being A Team Player," for a chance to win a prize. Recipients use scratch and win cards by removing the foil and winning the prize that appears three times. For good raffle prizes, customize lunch bags, coffee mugs, and more with a message of appreciation or a company name and logo.

Personalize raffle prizes with encouraging phrases of recognition for employees who work safely. Use Safety Awareness Month to remind and encourage staff, volunteers, interns and everyone that working safe is working smart.

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Give out raffle prizes to support Safety Awareness Month by holding raffles and giving out scratch and win cards.

Win raffle prizes with safety awareness themes by giving out authentic red raffle tickets. Or, to recognize Safety Awareness Month, give scratch off cards to staff members who have reported a potential safety issue, who continues to display a safe work ethic and team members who work together to solve safety problems. With scratch and win cards, employees win practical and customized items such as lunch bags, totes, water bottles, USB drives and more. Customize good raffle prizes for a personalized touch by including an encouraging phrase, a company name or other design.

Select raffle prizes that are not only stylish, but also convenient. Customize Safety Awareness Month prizes with phrases of encouragement and thanks for a job well done, or put a company name and logo on the front. Scratch and Win Cards also match some prize color schemes for a cohesive look to your next successful raffle. For good raffle prizes, look no further than Positive Promotions.
Products 1 - 6 of 6