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National Safety Month & Wall Calendars

Monthly Calendars & Wellness Calendars

Safety calendars and wellness calendars from Positive Promotions help promote a safe and healthy lifestyle. National Safety Month can be extended all year round by keeping safety tips in front of your clients, customers and employees when you give them our calendars each year. Wall calendars are ideal for recording daily activities for families with busy schedules. Monthly calendars that feature tips and reminders about safety and wellness are welcome additions to any home or office.

Wellness calendars and safety calendars can be customized with the name and logo of your business prominently displayed.

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Pass out safety calendars during National Safety Month or any time of the year.

Safety calendars from Positive Promotions encourage your employees to stay safe on and off the job. During National Safety Month, plan to give away our calendars, customized with the name and logo of your business, at special community events. Wall calendars are a great way to keep safety at the top of mind of all who see it every day. Our monthly calendars, like our pocket wellness calendars, are a simple way to promote healthy lifestyles.

Give safety calendars to clients and customers at the end of each year to give them something to look forward to receiving from your business. National Safety Month is a great time to share our calendars with employees. Wall calendars, like our wellness calendars, offer tips on living healthy to all members of the family each month of the year. Bright monthly calendars look great hung on office walls, break rooms or in the home.
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