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Employee Recognition & Staff Appreciation Week

Add fun to Safety Awareness Month by handing out clever stress relievers from Positive Promotions to all your workers. Durable stress toys last well beyond the month and provide a constant reminder that "Safety Isn't Just A Job, It's A Way Of Life." For employee gifts that show you care about your workers, look to our selection of stress toys and useful giveaways. Look for Staff Appreciation Week gifts that can be customized with your business name and logo or your own inspirational slogan.

Safety Awareness Month stress relievers, like our safety cones that carry the message "Know Safety, No Accident" look great on any desk or workstation. Our durable stress toys are made from soft rubber-like polyfoam that springs back into shape after being squeezed.

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  • Safety Buttons Assortment Pack Buttons » Button Pin Assortment, Safety Button Pins & Assorted Safety Buttons In Bulk (2 Products) View All »
    Safety Buttons Assortment Pack Buttons National Safety Month Buttons, Safety Month Pins & Bulk Button Assortment Hand out safety buttons during training sessions or special events to keep safety at the top of everyone's mind. National Safety Month buttons in bulk are great to keep on hand to recognize employees who do an exceptional job of maintaining or promoting safety in the workplace. See More
  • Always Stress Safety Hard Hat Stress Reliever Stress Relievers » Desk Stress Relievers, National Safety Month Gifts & Office Squeeze Toys (4 Products) View All »
    Always Stress Safety Hard Hat Stress Reliever Stress Relievers National Safety Month Toys, Stress Reliever Toys & Desk Squeeze Toys Give stress toys, like our funny-faced guy with crazy hair, for attention-grabbing stress relief toys that carry important safety messages. Our National Safety Month squeeze toys are available in a variety of styles, like hard hats and safety cones, or a customizable "SAFETY" shape. See More
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Observe Safety Awareness Month by giving your employees fun stress toys that carry serious messages about keeping the workplace safe.

Great for Safety Awareness Month, Positive Promotions stress relievers in fun shapes and designs help employees take tension in stride. Our stress toys, like our funny-faced guy with crazy hair and the "We're Wild About Safety" slogan, are great giveaways to keep safety at the top of everyone's mind. Hand these fun employee gifts out during training sessions, special events and as on-the-spot rewards for contributing to your organization's safe environment. Observe Staff Appreciation Week by giving workers our clever "Always Stress Safety" hard hat or "Know Safety, No Accident" safety cone stress relievers.

Safety Awareness Month is the ideal time to promote safety by passing out our assortment of brightly colored buttons with slogans like "Safety, It's My Job" or "Safety Is No Accident" to everyone on your staff. Soft stress toys made of rubber-like polyfoam are comfortable to hold and squeeze and look great on any desk or workstation. Use employee gifts to recognize employees who go above and beyond expectations in keeping your workplace safe. Staff Appreciation Week is an ideal time to show employees how much they are appreciated by giving them bright and fun stress relievers that bear inspiring safety reminders.
Products 1 - 6 of 6