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Stock up on safety promotional items from Positive Promotions for top-quality safety-themed products on hand during EMS Week, Child Abuse Prevention Month and Public Safety Telecommunicators' Week. Look for educational tools like guidebooks and handbooks that offer safety tips for seniors, or teach disaster preparedness. Consider educational gifts for kids that will capture and hold their attention, like colorful bracelets with messages such as, "I Promise Not To Smoke," or "Be Bright About Safety." Give employee recognition gifts with messages of safety printed on functional items, like lunch bags and water bottles.

Offer safety promotional items to your staff members at company picnics, end-of-year dinners and as rewards for outstanding performance on the job. Hang up educational tools like stickers or safety posters to boost awareness of safety each day. Toys are perfect educational gifts for kids that teach safety as they play, and look for practical kids' educational gifts like ID badge holders, coolers and magnets. For employee recognition gifts, look for goody bags that you can fill with educational items like safety-themed product samples, literature and supplies.

Use safety promotional items from Positive Promotions to raise safety awareness in your workplace. Look for educational tools and products that are sure to capture attention, such as safety posters and safety stickers.

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Give safety promotional items from Positive Promotions as rewards to employees who've gone above and beyond their job descriptions.

Explore the many safety promotional items at Positive Promotions for educational products that teach and inspire your employees and their families. Pick up helpful educational tools for your next office presentation during Health and Safety Week or Safety Awareness Month at your company. Look for educational gifts for kids that are fun and filled with vital information they need to remain safe as they grow up. Safety promotional items are employee recognition gifts that you'll feel great giving your dedicated team members as rewards for their hard work.

At Positive Promotions, find safety promotional items for every member of your staff. We stock educational tools ranging from easy-to-carry pocket pals to handy stickers that deliver important information at a glance. Discover educational gifts for kids and safety gifts for kids that remind them to dial 911 in an emergency, and to care for the safety of people in their communities. Choose functional employee recognition gifts that they'll use each day, such as safety-themed lunch bags and water bottles.

Put our eye-catching safety promotional items where they're sure to be seen by staff on a daily basis. Hang safety educational tools like laminated posters that outline ways for employees to avoid sudden accidents. For educational gifts for kids, consider safety-themed fun hats, badge holder IDs or glow-in-the-dark bracelets. Look for employee recognition gifts with practical tips to help kids avoid predators, online bullying and how to deal with their emotions after a weather emergency or other threating situation.

Dive into our safety promotional items that raise awareness of annual safety events like Public Safety Telecommunicators' Week, Child Abuse Prevention Month and EMS Week. Purchase invaluable educational tools like guidebooks that go over the basics of disaster preparedness. Hand out safety educational gifts for kids and adults during office safety fairs and company picnics. With these educational employee recognition gifts, your team members and their families can lead safer, longer lives.