Associate Of The Month Lapel Pin Pack

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Stock up on these handsome lapel pins to award to your Associate(s) Of The Month throughout the year. Pack includes jewelry-style lapel pins, each distinguished by a different colored accent stone and indicating the month of the year in which it was awarded. Pins in the set come individually packaged in a velvet-lined jewel box presentation case.

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4 Stars

Anniversary Lapel Pins

, November 26, 2013

These pins are very nice and my staff really loved getting them. They were easy to order and shipped very quickly. I thought they were a lit pricey compared to the other pins I bought here 9which are beautiful and well made as well. Not sure why the anniversary pins are over 2.00 more, but I have no complaints with the items I recieved.

5 Stars

Great motivator

, October 11, 2013

We implemented an Associate Of The Month program based on the pins - It is an inexpensive way to have staff members say thank you to one another as each can to vote based on certain criteria which they helped create. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.