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Fire Safety Assorted Heat-Sensitive Pencil Assortment Pack (100 Pencils)

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Sold in packs of:100
Color change from dark to light when held. Assortment includes 20 each of the 5 heat-sensitive designs shown. 100 totals per pack.
  • Smoke Alarms Never Sleep
  • Firefighters: Your Friends for Life
  • See Smoke - Get Low and Go!
  • I'm a Fire-Safe Kid
  • Do the COOL Think: Never Play with Fire

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5 Stars

Eye-catching Pencils

Judith Pheasant, Pres/MVFC from PA, August 07, 2014

McClure Volunteer Fire Company, in McClure, PA participated in National Night Out in our park on Tues., Aug. 5, 2014, and kids would look and say "no I have lots of pencils" and we said pick one up and hold it in your hand and then look at it. Their reactions were priceless and saying "look Mom, it changed colors and it says something too". The pencils were a hit that night. Would recommend them to anyone. Great pencils with 5 varieties of colors and sayings. We were very pleased with your product.

5 Stars

Great Giveaway Item

Jen Schwiebert from OH, April 24, 2013

I bought this to give away at our firefighter visits to the local preschool and am very pleased with the item! The colors are bright, vivid and eye catching, and the lessons/reminders printed on the pencils are great for young kids.

4 Stars

A good giveaway

Bridget from NY, October 12, 2012

I ordered these to give as "prizes" to kids that did fire drills with their families at home. The kids loved them! I thought they were good. A few of the pencils wouldn't stay sharpened, the tips broke as soon as I sharpened them (perhaps the graphite is broken inside the pencil?). Two kids complained that the writing smeared when they rubbed the pencil vigorously in their hands, trying to generate some friction heat to change the colors. The item description says "assorted colors", but in my batch we only got 3 of the 5 colors shown. Overall a good, but not fantastic, product.