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Black History Month gifts from Positive Promotions are an excellent way to spread an inspirational theme. Simply give classroom rewards, including tote bags bearing messages that remind students about the importance of black history to everyone. Other incentives for students include buttons with pictures of famous leaders who inspired change in our country. These educational gifts for kids motivate students to work toward achieving their own dreams.
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Black History Month gifts from Positive Promotions feature practical and inspiring educational gifts. Among our inspirational classroom rewards, look for bookmarks imprinted with words of encouragement from African American leaders. Other incentives for students include t shirts with inspirational phrases that remind students of the importance of black history. In addition to educational gifts for kids, find motivational gifts for churches and other organizations that value history.

When you need Black History Month gifts, try drawstring backpacks recalling historic events such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Our wearable classroom rewards are also ideal for church groups or historical societies celebrating Black History Month. Classroom incentives for students and other inspirational gifts range from imprinted pencils for all ages to silicone bracelets that kids love to wear. Give these educational gifts for kids as prizes for the best Black History Month essay or offer these student gifts during Sunday school discussions about Civil Rights. Black History Month Products.