Black History Month

February Is Black History Month

This February and all year long, honor the legacy of black history and celebrate our nation's cultural diversity! Distribute products from Positive Promotions that raise awareness of African-American achievement in our schools and churches, and promote pride and unity throughout our communities. From custom printed Black History Month gifts and classroom rewards to student incentives and educational products for teachers and kids, find everything you need to make your activities successful and unforgettable.

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Black History Month
Black History Month Catalog

Here at Positive Promotions, discover a wide variety of cost-effective items for holding an exceptional Black History Month event. Schools and educators can present students with educational activities books and bookmarks that teach them about the rich traditions of black history. You can also acknowledge kids for their hard work with pencils, tags, bracelets, buttons, stickers, and more incentives that boost excitement, including our popular money-saving Value Packs.

Display Black History Month posters in your classroom or your facility that focus on outstanding African-American leaders and humanitarians, as well as noteworthy events and inventions. Use these resources and other classroom rewards featuring exclusive themes like Remember, Educate, Celebrate and Barack Obama: The Power Of A Dream as motivation for students to do their best and complete their studies, or for your community to inspire pride in the past, dreams about the future, and respect for people of all cultures.

Reflect Black History Month pride with colorful t-shirts featuring our inspirational themes–or add your school’s or organization’s message. These t-shirts can be worn all through February, and during the rest of the school year, to remind everyone of the many positive contributions African-Americans have offered throughout history.

For faith-based establishments, honor the major role of the church with our Black History: Rooted In Faith, Anchored In Hope products, perfect for recognizing members of your staff and congregation. Our personalized inspirational gifts will make children and adults alike feel proud, while stressing the importance of celebrating diversity. From hand fans to buttons, whatever you're looking for to commemorate Black History Month, check out our complete selection today!