Blessed Is The Woman Who Walks With God Mini Canvas Hi-Top Sneaker Key Ring

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    Great details-real laces, real stitching, canvas fabric, rubber accents * Soulful message displayed on sole: Blessed Is The Woman Who Walks With God * Metal split ring attached * Packaged in a cute little shoe box with coordinating message on top
    SNEAKER: 2 3/4" X 1 5/8" X 1

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    5 Stars

    Mom's gift

    , May 16, 2014

    This gift satisfied my expectations so well, I would love them year around to give as gifts! Everyone thought they were "cute".

    4 Stars

    Truly A Blessing!

    , May 13, 2014

    Our theme for Mother's Day was focused on Nothing's too hard for God when you trust and WALK with Him. So this item truly enhanced gift packets. We ordered 100 and there were a few (9) that had to be replaced. However, they were replaced quickly with no question. Thank you for making our day so enjoyable.

    5 Stars

    Too Cute

    , May 12, 2014

    First of all let me say the speed in which you delivered the product was incredible. Thank you for that. This was a surprise gift for the ladies in my Walk Club who have been faithful to attending and working out every Monday and Thursday since January 14th. Although some are not mothers they all nurture our children at church so I wanted to show them appreciation on Mother's Day. I showed it to my husband and how I was putting in a gift basket with some other treats and he thought it was very creative. "Where did you find that? You are so creative" was his response as well as a friend of mine I showed it to. It is cute, sturdy, lightweight, and expresses the right sentiment. Great product.

    4 Stars

    blessed is the woman sneaker key chain

    , April 23, 2014

    it was really cute. Plus it is functional. It got here very quickly!!

    5 Stars

    Pink tennis shoes

    , April 15, 2014

    I purchased these key rings to give as favors at our church Ladies Spring Banquet . They are very cute in the little shoe box and go with our theme, Oh, the Places You'll Go. What better way to remind us to Walk With God!

    5 Stars

    Pink Tennis Shoe

    , April 15, 2014

    Very cute . I purchased them for take home treats for our Ladies Spring Banquet at church. The theme is "Oh, the Places You'll Go", and thought the tennis shoe and reference to walking fit very well.

    4 Stars

    So cute!

    , October 15, 2013

    I received this on Mother's Day at my church by the ushers. It is so adorable and love it. I have it hanging on my car rear view mirror=)

    5 Stars

    Review for Blessed Is the Woman Who Walks With God key ring

    , May 18, 2013

    The Woman Who Walks With God key ring was well received. I presented to several women in my Women's Ministry group at church, my Mom (for Mother's Day), my sisters and friends. Everyone who received it commented on how unique it was and how much they loved it! I plan to order more. Thank you for making it available!

    5 Stars

    Blessed Is the Woman Who Walks With God Mini Canvas Hi-Top Sneaker Key Ring

    , May 15, 2013

    key ring is functional (useful) to most people and the appearance/design is adorable and affordable

    5 Stars

    Great Mothers Day trinket

    , May 07, 2013

    Adorable sneakers, and what mom isn't wearing those out today taking kids to sporting events alone! Nice gift, box included, giving these to the mothers in church Sunday, hope they all love them!