On March 30, 2015 honor and recognize the dedicated Doctors who heal and help others.

Celebrate Doctors' Day, physician anniversaries and other special occasions with unique appreciation gifts from Positive Promotions. Our high-quality, customized doctor appreciation gifts honor the dedicated physicians who heal and help others every day in hospitals, clinics, emergency care facilities, private practices and beyond. Thank them with unforgettable, sophisticated gifts such as bags and portfolios, tech products, executive pens and comfortable premium apparel, all meant to recognize doctors’ roles in healing, patient safety and advances in medicine.
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Each March 30, hospitals, clinics, medical practices and communities around the country observe National Doctors’ Day. There’s no better time to celebrate these dedicated physicians with unique doctor appreciation gifts from Positive Promotions. You'll find gifts for doctors who volunteer their time at community organizations and specialists who work behind the scenes to help find cures. In addition, our high-end executive gifts will remind doctors of their important roles in healing, patient safety and advances in medicine, as well as how much they’re appreciated by administration, staff and patients.

Doctors’ Day was proclaimed in 1991 by President George Bush, as a day to recognize physicians for “their leadership in the prevention and treatment of illness and injury”, calling special attention to the members of the Armed Forces and Reserves serving in Operation Desert Storm. At Positive Promotions, we are proud to offer a distinguished collection of gifts to acknowledge doctors’ skill, commitment and sacrifice all year long. Discover something for every budget, from upscale totes, bags and pens to quality badge holders and lanyards that physicians can use on a daily basis.

You’ll find many more gifts to thank doctors for the help and healing they provide every day. Our practical executive gifts include electronics such as power banks that allow doctors to charge any USB-compatible gadget anywhere. Provide key medical staff with stylish premium apparel they can wear on the job or out in the community to get your organization’s name noticed. There are also high-quality jackets or vests that help keep the chill off when traveling or visiting patients in different care facilities. And many of our Doctors’ Day gifts can be customized with the name of hospitals, clinics, or unique slogans, making them that much more unforgettable.