Alzheimer's Disease Awareness

Alzheimers Disease Awareness

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As low as $10.45 per pack!

Announce National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month throughout your facility * Share a message of hope and support * Sold in packs of 5

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As low as $20.70 each!

Comfort and warmth at a great price-perfect for outdoor Alzheimer's awareness events this November * Purple 50/50 cotton/poly; 8-oz. * Pill resistant * Grommets and drawcord, set-in sleeves and pouch pocket *

As low as $3.79 each!

Purple 24-oz. Tritan™ bottle is virtually unbreakable * BPA-free, doesn't absorb odors * Colorful rubber grips * Built-in flip-up spout * Recyclable materials * Our awareness design on front with a list of Alzheimer's warning signs on the back.

As low as $1.44 each!

  • Reusable, pliable, non-toxic ribbon-shaped Aqua bead gel therapy pack can be used as both a warm or cold compress
  • Beads stay hot or cold to relieve aches and pains-no leaks or mess
  • Store in refrigerator or freezer for cold treatment; soak in hot water for 5 minutes to treat with heat
  • Material: PVC; Water; Glycerin; Sodium Polyacrylate
  • Safety tested for CPSIA, FDA and TRA (Toxicological Risk Assessment); reports for gel beads are available upon request

As low as $0.79 each!

* Helpful information includes an explanation of Alzheimer's and how it differs from dementia and other types of memory loss * Also details the symptoms of Alzheimer's in its different stages; how Alzheimer's is diagnosed and treated; what causes Alzheimer's and how to help prevent it * Includes tips for communicating with someone who has memory loss * Helpful resources for caregivers also provided

As low as $0.49 each!

* Explains how to overcome communication challenges and make interactions positive and effective with those who have memory loss * Tips include: Speak slowly and clearly. Use easy-to-understand words and short sentences; Repeat things as necessary. Never say "I already told you that"; and 5 more * Full magnetic back adheres to metal surfaces

Results: 6 Products
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