Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

Celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteer Appreciation Week April 23-29, 2017

During National Volunteer Week, thousands of organizations like yours will take time to give volunteer appreciation gifts, offer thanks, and hold special events in honor of volunteers’ selfless contributions. From lapel pins to lunch bags, tech accessories to tasty treats, drinkware, totes, personal care, stationery, raffle packs, and much more, there are gifts to please every volunteer—at prices that will please your budget. With many items featuring our exclusive design Volunteers Make The World A Brighter Place, you'll find unique ways to thank volunteers for the tremendous impact they have on your company—and on society.

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Nurses Appreciation
Volunteer Appreciation Virtual Catalog

Volunteers offer their time and effort all year round in service to others. Take this opportunity to show how much you appreciate their dedication and generosity with volunteer appreciation gifts that express the sentiments you want to convey. Bestselling themes such as the owl-inspired Whoooo Makes A Difference? Volunteers Like Yoooou!; Volunteers Plant The Seeds Of Kindness; and Volunteers: Our Greatest Natural Resource are designed to celebrate, motivate, and inspire. You can also choose volunteer appreciation gifts imprinted with your logo or message, to create an even more memorable gesture.

Thank your valued volunteers for their contributions during National Volunteer Week and throughout the year. From brand new selections to bestselling items, we’re happy to help you celebrate and praise your team. They'll wear our colorful lapel pins and recognition t-shirts with pride; our Gift Combos and Raffle Packs offer collections of distinctive gifts at terrific savings; plus, our Celebration Pack and Event Poster help make holding a fun event at your facility stress-free and economical./p>

Whatever you have planned—from themed luncheons and dinners to formal volunteer recognition programs—let Positive Promotions show you how easy and affordable it is to brighten your volunteers' days with volunteer appreciation gifts during National Volunteer Week or any day. Order now and enjoy a celebration to remember!