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As low as $0.89 each!

  • Take-along guide helps recipients establish heart-smart exercise and eating habits for life
  • Explains how to fit regular exercise-with an emphasis on aerobic conditioning-into every day
  • Also gives suggestions for making heart-healthy food choices, with tips on Using the Food Pyramid, Eating Out and Cooking At Home
  • 19 pages of food charts with calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium counts, and trans fat information for today's most popular foods
  • Personalization not available in quantities 25-99

  • 5 Stars

As low as $0.89 each!

* Provides men with the recommended schedules for all major health tests and screenings * Room to record results for everything from routine physicals and blood tests to colorectal screenings, prostate exams and mental health screenings, as well as the dates of vaccinations * Easy to carry at health fairs and to medical appointments * Vinyl sleeve protects contents. Personalization not available in quantities 25-99

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As low as $2.99 each!

* Shaker with your custom logo or message holds up to 4 cups * Reusable fork slides in and out of lid * Removable dressing container nestled in lid-holds up to 4 tablespoons of dressing * Frosted base with white lid and green accents * Magnet instructs recipients on how to Build A Better Salad, listing healthy choices to mix and match from 5 food groups * Salad Shaker is BPA-free

  • 5 Stars

As low as $1.69 each!

* Valuable 8-panel, Spanish-language pocket-sized guide fits into any wallet to be taken to medical appointments * Includes checklist of what to ask your healthcare professional or pharmacist about medications * Lists tips on managing medications * Includes a place to write pharmacy and insurance information * Log inside tracks essential information on up to a dozen medications, including the medication's name, the reason for taking it, when it was started/stopped, when/how to take it * 7-Day Med-Minder Pill Box helps recipient safely sort a week's worth of medication

As low as $3.82 each!

* Easily attaches to shoelace * Large, easy-view digital display * Splash-proof * Energy-saving idle mode and automatic shut-off * Replaceable button-cell battery included * White face with choice of accent color * A great giveaway for any breast cancer awareness event!

  • 4 Stars

As low as $39.95 each!

Lunch & Learn Risk Management Men's Wellness PowerPoint ® Kit, disc with PowerPoint ® slides & printable copy of the entire presentation. SPECIAL BONUS: each disc has printable certificates for participants, as well as a printable poster to customize with event date and details.

Sale • As low as $32.49 each!

  • Keeping track of healthy lifestyles is a snap with this wearable bluetooth pedometer!
  • Removes easily from the strap to be attached to a shoe
  • Tracks up to 99,999 steps, distance covered and calories burned
  • Monitors sleep quality, total sleep time and number of times awoken using a customized mobile app
  • Features an energy-saving auto shut off and idle mode
  • Stores and recalls data for up to 14 days!

As low as $13.30 each!

  • Showing off your brand is a walk in the park with this multipurpose pedometer!
  • Removable rubberized case and secure clip makes it easy to go anywhere
  • Pedometer tracks up to 99,999 steps, distance covered, calories burned and total activity time
  • Features imperial or metric measuring settings
  • Energy-saving auto shut-off and idle mode helps the included button cell battery last longer
  • Stores and recalls 30 days worth of fitness data

As low as $0.46 each!

  • Explains stress and lists 22 signals that may indicate increased stress
  • Suggest 20 ways to manage stress, including Eating a well-balanced diet; Prioritizing efforts; Deep breathing; Exercising; Getting plenty of sleep; Taking time to laugh
  • Features 6 anti-stress stretches
  • Personalization appears on back
  • Personalization not available in quantities 50-249

  • 5 Stars

As low as $3.99 each!

Build strength and flexibility * Muscle-building resistance * Blue latex band with black comfort-grip EVA foam handles * Packaged with a handy Pocket Pal illustrating basic exercises that can be performed with the bands

  • 4 Stars

As low as $0.46 each!

  • Recipients keep track of blood pressure to help prevent heart attacks and strokes due to hypertension (high blood pressure), which affects more than 50 million Americans
  • This handy 8-panel pocket pal has tips for managing blood pressure, nutrition reminders, and space to record regular blood pressure readings
  • Personalization appears on back
  • Personalization not available in quantities 25-249

  • 5 Stars

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As low as $1.79 each!

* 60" flexible cloth body tape measure features metric and inch scales to measure waist circumference and different parts of the body * Also features a BMI scale to calculate body mass index for height and weight for adults * Packaged with a handy Pocket Pal that includes basics of BMI and weight loss, plus space for tracking BMI, weight, and waist size over time.

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As low as $2.49 each!

  • Clips on, keeps track of step after step
  • Tracks up to 99,999 steps
  • Button cell battery inserted
  • Energy-saving auto shut-off and idle mode
  • Secure clip
  • Single button operation

  • 4 Stars

As low as $0.46 each!

  • This interactive guide prompts recipients to look at their overall wellness with the purpose of preventing serious health problems
  • Front features a Lifestyle Quiz on the most vital lifestyle choices, such as tobacco use, diet, heart rate, exercise, and sleep
  • Back includes fill-in charts on blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, and waist size, with ranges in green, yellow, and red to show areas of concern
  • A Health Goal Tracker can help recipients improve a health habit of their choosing
  • Personalization appears on the back

As low as $0.32 each!

  • Details how to detect melanoma, the most harmful type of skin cancer
  • Explains and depicts the ABCDEs (Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter, Evolving) that warrant a closer look by a dermatologist
  • Back provides illustrated, step-by-step instruction for monthly skin self exam to catch problems early when they are most treatable
  • Durable Kimdura�

As low as $0.79 each!

* Vital information on 10 important exams for men: includes Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Tests, Colorectal Exams, Prostrate Screening and Testicular Exam, and more * The back offers facts on 10 male concerns, from baldness to weight gain, plus an illustrated testicular self-exam * Spanish language version

Sale • As low as $7.99 each!

  • Includes everything recipients need to begin a walking program
  • Drawstring Bag with your imprint is sized perfectly to take on a walk
  • Clip-on Top-View Pedometer digitally counts steps, distance walked and calories burned
  • Walk Your Way To Fitness Guide & Daily Log tracks progress
  • Contour Grip Eco-Water Bottle offers walking tips and holds 27 ounces to keep recipients hydrated; BPA-free
  • Note: Log, Pedometer, and Water Bottle are not personalized

  • 3 Stars

As low as $0.79 each!

By distributing this unique guide, you can help recipients understand what depression is, how to recognize its signs, and how to begin lifting its dark cloud, beginning with just one step. Includes guidance on how to know if one needs professional services and a Self-Assessment Questionnaire on back. Personalization not available in quantities 25-149

As low as $0.57 each!

Both women and men will benefit from this unique his/hers shower card. Pink "For Her" side of the card spells out steps for conducting a breast self-exam. Blue "For Him" side details testicular self-exam steps. A great giveaway for any breast cancer awareness event!

  • 4 Stars

As low as $0.37 each!

Sturdy Kimdura® bookmarks targeted to male employees. Bookmark reiterates the importance of cancer screening.

Results: 38 Products
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Encourage men to get and stay fit with men’s health products from Positive Promotions. We have a large supply of health and fitness items, including prostate health awareness products to help educate your employees. In today’s health-conscious society, it’s important for businesses to encourage men of all ages to live a healthy lifestyle and have their health tests and screenings.

We offer several health awareness items geared specifically toward male employees. Our nutritional guides make great giveaways at health fairs and company events, while our fast food slide guide will help educate and inform when making meal choices at fast food restaurants. From healthy heart fitness guides to men's health test passports, we have what you’re looking for.

Statistically, men have a lower life expectancy due to stress, heart disease, prostate cancer, and stroke. Men’s health issues can be dramatically reduced through educational and promotional health awareness products. Our stress management pocket pal is an excellent educational tool that can easily be taken anywhere. Whether you’re just starting a health and wellness program or looking to expand your current one, we have several men’s health products to choose from.

In addition to our many wellness guides, we also carry personalized water bottles that include health tips for men printed right on the side for quick reference. Get your employee health and wellness program started off on the right track with men’s health awareness products from Positive Promotions.