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Helps your staff or community avoid contributing factors for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and several forms of cancer. Guide provides wise tips for controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. With charts for keeping track of health tests in these areas. Personalization not available in quantities 25-249

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Build strength and flexibility * Muscle-building resistance * Blue latex band with black comfort-grip EVA foam handles * Packaged with a handy Pocket Pal illustrating basic exercises that can be performed with the bands * Add your custom logo or message to the middle handle on the band

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As low as $1.69 each!

* Valuable 8-panel pocket-sized guide fits into any wallet to be taken to medical appointments * Includes checklist of what to ask your healthcare professional or pharmacist about medications * Lists tips on managing medications * Includes a place to write pharmacy and insurance information * Log inside tracks essential information on up to a dozen medications, including the medication's name, the reason for taking it, when it was started/stopped, when/how to take it * 7-Day Med-Minder Pill Box helps recipient safely sort a week's worth of medication

As low as $4.09 each!

  • A modernized spin to the classic jump rope!
  • This multifunction jump rope counts rotations, calories burned and distance in mileage/kilometers on a digital screen
  • Rope conveniently adjusts for different users' stride lengths
  • Auto-off power saving function
  • Feature your one color logo or own personalization right on the handle to easily promote your business!

  • As low as $11.99 each!

    • Sport Drawstring Backpack
    • Full-Sized Toothbrush
    • Travel-Sized Toothpaste
    • Deodorant
    • Shampoo
    • Body Wash
    • Comb
    • Wash Cloth
    • Hand Sanitizer Tube
    • Razors (3)
    • Shave Gel
    • After Shave
    • Brand names may vary

    As low as $0.46 each!

    * Helps men understand 6 key health screenings and keep track of important information * Explains tests and ranges for blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, body composition, and prostate-specific antigens, and describes testicular self-exam * Provides space to record results over time * 8-panel format fits into wallet * Personalization appears on back

    As low as $1.39 each!

    Encourage men to be aware of their health and to work on preventive care * They can record illnesses, medications, doctors' visits, surgeries, and more. Includes: * Testicular self-exam * Prostate health * Heart health * Sexual health * Cancer prevention * High blood pressure * Stress * Weight * Exercise * Nutrition. Personalization not available in quantities 25-149

    As low as $0.79 each!

    * Vital information on 10 important exams for men: includes Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Tests, Colorectal Exams, Prostrate Screening and Testicular Exam, and more * The back offers facts on 10 male concerns, from baldness to weight gain, plus an illustrated testicular self-exam

    As low as $0.46 each!

    • Pocket Pal guide discusses what men need to know about prostate cancer - the second most common cancer among American men
    • Dispels 7 common myths, such as "Prostate cancer is an old man's disease" and "Vasectomies cause cancer"
    • Includes the American Cancer Society's recommendations for prostate cancer screening
    • Personalization appears on the back

    As low as $0.45 each!

    • Informational magnet details 6 common warning signs that may indicate prostate cancer
    • Signs include: Frequent need to urinate, especially at night; Weak or interrupted urine flow; Pain during urination or ejaculation; Blood in urine or semen; Pain or stiffness in lower back, hips, or upper thighs; Erectile dysfunction
    • Hangs on any metal surface or file cabinet for at-a-glance reference
    • Add your personalization as a reminder of your care and services

    As low as $0.57 each!

    * One side explains the value of testicular self-exam and provides detailed instructions for how to do it, along with symptoms of testicular problems * The other side discusses common prostate problems and their symptoms, and provides American Cancer Society recommendations for prostate cancer screening * Card slips over the shower head for ready reference and withstands years of shower use

    As low as $0.79 each!

    Discover the calories, sodium, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol count of over 100 fast food favorites at the 8 most popular fast-food restaurants in the U.S. The list: * Burgers * French Fries * Fried chicken * Milk shakes * Pizza * Salads * Tacos * and much more. The back features healthful hints to help lower fat and cholesterol intake when eating out. Personalization not available in quantities 25-149

    As low as $0.79 each!

    An estimated 16 million people in the U.S. have pre-diabetes, a condition that often leads to diabetes, often leading to diabetes, and this guide can help delay or prevent the onset of this serious disease * The front explains What is diabetes?, What is pre-diabetes?, Risk factors, Can diabetes be prevented?, and more * The back explains how to prevent type 2 diabetes and has tips for diabetics on avoiding complications of the disease. * Covers symptoms and testing * Spanish version

    As low as $0.79 each!

    Losing a pound a week isn't as daunting a task as many imagine! To achieve this goal, one must burn up 500 calories daily; one way to do this is by exercising away 300 calories and reducing food intake by 200 calories. Slideguide charts the time it take individuals of various weights to burn off 300 calories through any over 50 activities. Guide also includes Nutrition Tips. This easy-to-follow tool is ideal for any weight-loss program.

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    * Features 16 key points for a heart-healthy lifestyle * Tips on Exercising; Low-fat eating; Stopping smoking; Reducing stress; Controlling blood pressure and diabetes * A self-test on the back that rates individual heart health.

    As low as $0.46 each!

    Provide recipients with sun safety tips as well as steps for checking skin monthly for skin cancer. Visuals of three basic types of skin cancer help identify skin changes that require medical attention. A handy guide to take along on vacations and use every day at home. Personalization not available in quantities 25-249

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    Results: 36 Products
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    Encourage men to get and stay fit with men’s health products from Positive Promotions. We have a large supply of health and fitness items, including prostate health awareness products to help educate your employees. In today’s health-conscious society, it’s important for businesses to encourage men of all ages to live a healthy lifestyle and have their health tests and screenings.

    We offer several health awareness items geared specifically toward male employees. Our nutritional guides make great giveaways at health fairs and company events, while our fast food slide guide will help educate and inform when making meal choices at fast food restaurants. From healthy heart fitness guides to men's health test passports, we have what you’re looking for.

    Statistically, men have a lower life expectancy due to stress, heart disease, prostate cancer, and stroke. Men’s health issues can be dramatically reduced through educational and promotional health awareness products. Our stress management pocket pal is an excellent educational tool that can easily be taken anywhere. Whether you’re just starting a health and wellness program or looking to expand your current one, we have several men’s health products to choose from.

    In addition to our many wellness guides, we also carry personalized water bottles that include health tips for men printed right on the side for quick reference. Get your employee health and wellness program started off on the right track with men’s health awareness products from Positive Promotions.