Black History Month

February Is Black History Month

This February and all year long, honor the legacy of black history and celebrate our nation's cultural diversity! Distribute products from Positive Promotions that raise awareness of African-American achievement in our schools and churches, and promote pride and unity throughout our communities. From custom printed Black History Month gifts and classroom rewards to student incentives and educational products for teachers and kids, find everything you need to make your activities successful and unforgettable.

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Sale • As low as $0.39 each!

  • Features monthly quotes from famous African Americans about following one's dream, from President Barack Obama, philanthropist Oseola McCarty, scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and more
  • Includes Famous Dates in African American History, 101 Great African Americans, and a Black History Trivia Quiz
  • Also features room for addresses and phone numbers and a recorder to track personal goals
  • 36 pages, with your personalized logo or message on front cover

  • 5 Stars

Sale • As low as $0.39 each!

  • Every month highlights an inspirational thought from such famous African Americans as civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., opera singer Marian Anderson, writer Alex Haley, astronaut Mae Jemison, and more.
  • Special sections provide a historic overview, including 101 Great African Americans and Famous Dates in African-American History
  • Recipients can test their knowledge by answering questions from the Black History Trivia section.
  • Includes space for personal and medical information, addresses and phone numbers, and personal goals for the year.
  • 36 pages

  • 5 Stars

As low as $6.95 per pack!

  • Laminated tag features our colorful design on front
  • Message of hope on back from Coretta Scott King, American civil rights activist
  • Includes a 4" beaded chain for backpacks
  • 25 Tags per pack

As low as $8.95 per pack!

  • Laminated tag features our colorful Black History Month design on front
  • Back contains a message of hope from Coretta Scott King, American civil rights activist
  • Paired with a 24" beaded chain for dog tags
  • 25 Tags per pack

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As low as $16.95 per pack!

  • Fan features our uplifting theme on front and an inspiring message of hope from Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States on back
  • 25 Paper Fans per pack

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As low as $17.95 per pack!

  • Teaches kids about black history and why music played a key role during slavery, the Underground Railroad, and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Presents lyrics to several freedom songs, including We Shall Overcome and This Little Light Of Mine
  • Includes thoughtful, engaging activities that help teach children about black history and freedom songs
  • Includes a glossary of terms so youngsters can learn more about important aspects of black history
  • 16 pages
  • For grades 3-5

As low as $14.99 per pack!

  • Striking poster celebrates the history and legacy of African-American history
  • Order enough to announce your event in your facility
  • Exclusive message celebrates Black History
  • 5 Posters per pack

Sale • As low as $6.99 per pack!

  • Dazzling sparkle foil pencils are a great way to place motivational statements in students' hands
  • Give them out to remind children about important figures in African-American history
  • Includes 10 each of 5 wraparound designs, including African-American Inventors; African-American Leaders Of Freedom; Famous African-American Speakers; African-American Civil Rights Leaders; and African-American Military Leaders
  • 50 pencils per pack
  • Soft eraser, #2 standard

As low as $39.95 each!

  • Encourage students to imagine the possibilities the future holds for each of them!
  • Post a picture of each child with their name and what they aspire to be when they grow up on our colorful banner with Black History Month theme
  • Great for hanging in classrooms, hallways, or common areas

As low as $7.90 per pack!

  • Silicone bracelet offers positive messages on both the outside and inside
  • Students can keep inspirational card that lists famous African-American leaders and role models throughout history
  • Bracelet is lead-free, PVC-free, and latex-free
  • FDA compliant
  • Bracelet and card come packaged together
  • 10 Bracelets and Cards per pack

Sale • As low as $1.99 each!

  • Recyclable tote carries everyday needs and our motivational theme
  • Made of earth-friendly non-woven polypropylene
  • 8" gusset, 21" handles
  • Perfect for Black History Month events and giveaways

As low as $17.95 per pack!

  • This book celebrates President Obama's two terms in office by teaching children who he is and what he's done for the country
  • Takes readers from his childhood in Hawaii through his historic presidency, touching on the Affordable Care Act, his efforts for the environment, and more
  • Two pages are devoted to Michelle Obama and their daughters
  • 16 pages
  • For grades 3-6
  • 50 Books per pack

Sale • As low as $24.99 each!

  • Supply yourself with pencils bursting with color and displaying messages celebrating the diversity that enriches the community, nation, and world
  • Pencils are great for on-the-spot recognition of students' efforts
  • 150 #2 standard pencils
  • Comes packaged in full-color box
  • You save 10% off our regular individual prices

  • 5 Stars

Sale • As low as $2.99 each!

  • Crystal clear, double-wall insulated acrylic tumbler features a ridge design liner
  • Translucent smoke-colored dual purpose lid; sip-thru spout for beverages, matching acrylic straw for cold drinks included
  • Our exclusive design on front, verse from Romans 15:13 (KJV) on back
  • BPA-free; holds 16-oz.
  • Note: hand wash only, do not microwave
  • Gift-boxed

Sale • As low as $9.99 per pack!

  • Dual-purpose fan offers words of faith and cool comfort on warm days!
  • Two-sided design features the uplifting theme We Shall Overcome on front with song lyrics on back
  • 25 Hand Fans per pack

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Sale • As low as $19.95 each!

  • Great to present to faithful congregants and church visitors!
  • Hand fan provides comfort on hot days
  • Bible marker is a handy bookmark for Bible readers and has a pinhole for easy hanging
  • Both items feature our vibrant design on front; backs highlight three inspirational Bible verses
  • 25 Hand Fans and 25 Bible Markers per pack

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As low as $10.99 per pack!

  • Dazzling sparkle foil pencil pays tribute to our 44th President!
  • Features our The Power Of A Dream design
  • Star-design eraser adds extra appeal
  • Soft eraser, #2 standard
  • 50 Pencils per pack

Sale • As low as $2.99 per pack!

  • Kids love wearing silicone bracelets!
  • This one features our exclusive 2-sided design reminding everyone to remember and celebrate Black History
  • Inside displays an inspirational quotation from Harriet Tubman: Every great dream begins with a dreamer
  • 10 Bracelets per pack

Sale • As low as $2.99 per pack!

  • Put an important Black History message in the hands of young readers
  • Front features our exclusive theme and artwork
  • On back are inspirational quotations from John Henrik Clark, American historian and educator, and Maya Angelou, American writer and entertainer
  • 50 Bookmarks per pack

Sale • As low as $11.99 per pack!

  • Each time youngsters read, they will be reminded of the power of a dream
  • Red, white and blue design on front
  • Back lists milestones in the presidency of Barack Obama. including: 2012: Is re-elected to a second term as President; 2015: Issues his Clean Power Plan to fight climate change and lower greenhouse gas pollution in the U.S.; and 12 more events
  • 50 Deluxe Fully Laminated Bookmarks per pack

Results: 129 Products
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Black History Month
Black History Month Catalog

Here at Positive Promotions, discover a wide variety of cost-effective items for holding an exceptional Black History Month event. Schools and educators can present students with educational activities books and bookmarks that teach them about the rich traditions of black history. You can also acknowledge kids for their hard work with pencils, tags, bracelets, buttons, stickers, and more incentives that boost excitement, including our popular money-saving Value Packs.

Display Black History Month posters in your classroom or your facility that focus on outstanding African-American leaders and humanitarians, as well as noteworthy events and inventions. Use these resources and other classroom rewards featuring exclusive themes like Remember, Educate, Celebrate and Barack Obama: The Power Of A Dream as motivation for students to do their best and complete their studies, or for your community to inspire pride in the past, dreams about the future, and respect for people of all cultures.

Reflect Black History Month pride with colorful t-shirts featuring our inspirational themes–or add your school’s or organization’s message. These t-shirts can be worn all through February, and during the rest of the school year, to remind everyone of the many positive contributions African-Americans have offered throughout history.

For faith-based establishments, honor the major role of the church with our Black History: Rooted In Faith, Anchored In Hope products, perfect for recognizing members of your staff and congregation. Our personalized inspirational gifts will make children and adults alike feel proud, while stressing the importance of celebrating diversity. From hand fans to buttons, whatever you're looking for to commemorate Black History Month, check out our complete selection today!