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Invest in financial resources for the community and exclusive gifts that celebrate your invaluable team! You'll find everything from essential tools for promoting smart saving to customized giveaways for your presentations and outreach events. We also offer fun financial education incentives for kids at open houses, school visits, or Teach Children To Save Day that are "right on the money".

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As low as $2.85 each!

  • Unique paper bank has 4 separate sections that make it easy to understand and practice the concepts of save, invest, share and spend
  • Packaged with a 16-page Passbook that offers tips on saving, investing, sharing and spending and allows kids to record "deposits" in each category
  • Great allowance tool for kids
  • Included rubber band holds 4 compartments together

As low as $0.45 each!

  • Magnet describes steps everyone can take to get and stay financially fit
  • 7 tips to pump up finances include: See what shape your credit is in by checking your credit report; Work out a budget and stick to it; Lose the weight of credit card debt; Don't sweat retirement-set aside money now; Tone up your insurance coverage; Strengthen your savings in case of emergency; and Pump up your estate planning

As low as $2.85 each!

  • Great allowance tool: unique paper bank has 4 separate sections that make it easy to understand and practice the concepts of save, invest, share and spend
  • Packaged with a Passbook that offers tips on saving, investing, sharing and spending and allows kids to record "deposits" in each category
  • Note: Personalization not available on bank

As low as $0.37 each!

  • Fun money-design pencils arrive in assorted currencies, including $1, $5, $20, $50, and $100 bill designs!
  • Each includes room for your personalized message!
  • Great personalized promotional product as a giveaway at any event
  • Minimum of 250

As low as $0.89 each!

  • Guide helps parents give children an understanding of how to spend, save, invest wisely, and makes it fun to share lessons in money management
  • Includes: special sections for guiding kids from ages 3-18
  • Incentives and reminders that encourage kids to save, how allowances can teach money management skills and tips that teach kids to be savvy shoppers
  • Sample budget format that kids can fill in weekly and more

Personalization not available in quantities 25-99

As low as $13.99 per pack!

  • Each roll features 200 stickers
  • Stickers feature 5 different designs that encourage money-smarts
  • 40 stickers per design

As low as $0.31 each!

  • Bucky Bee provides 5 Ways To "Bee" A $mart $aver on back
  • Whenever you get money, set aside some for savings
  • Open a savings account to keep your money safe
  • Add to your savings account every month

As low as $0.45 each!

  • 16-page activities book for youngsters
  • Children will learn how to make change, how savings grow in a credit union account, how checking accounts and certificates of deposit work, how to spend wisely, and why a budget is important
  • Simple-to-understand language is coupled with challenging math exercise and appealing illustrations to get the message across
  • Youngsters will enjoy this fun-filled book while learning important lessons about money and credit unions
  • For grades 4-7
Personalization not available in quantities 25-99

As low as $0.79 each!

  • Keeps a symbol of saving and your message close at hand
  • Polystyrene plastic molded in shape of cute little pig
  • Available in your choice of 3 translucent colors
  • Split ring attached for keys

As low as $0.45 each!

  • Here's a "cool" way to teach young children about the concepts of money, spending and saving
  • This 16-page activities book introduces Cool Cat, who tells readers why saving is important, how to save, and where they can keep their savings
  • Cool Cat discusses banks as a safe place to keep money, and introduces the topic of savings accounts. Fun, simple activities reinforce the message that "saving is cool"
  • Spanish Edition
  • For grades K-3

As low as $1.22 each!

  • Flexible material
  • Squeeze open to insert coins
  • Great for fundraisers, financial services & trade shows

As low as $0.53 each!

  • Handy sticky notes feature repositionable adhesive on back
  • 25 sheets per pad
  • Fun die-cut dollar sign shape
  • Includes your custom full-color imprint with stock dollar sign design background on each sheet

  • As low as $1.42 each!

    • Fun way to keep your financial institution's name or message at hand
    • Full-size ballpoint pen bent at end into stock dollar sign shape is sure to attract attention
    • Includes breathe-through safety cap
    • Your imprint displayed on the green translucent barrel
    • Made in the USA

    As low as $18.49 per pack!

    • Make Teach Children To Save Day and National Credit Union Youth Week events festive
    • Also great for classroom presentations or on-site celebrations
    • 11" green and white biodegradable latex balloons feature saving messages on each side
    • 50 assorted latex Balloons per pack

    As low as $2.49 each!

    • Fun shaped bank is the paw-fect way to promote saving your pennies and dimes
    • Features a money slot on the top and a twist-off plug on the bottom
    • Encourage collecting spare change for fundraising events and efforts
    • Great promo for pet product manufacturers, veterinarians or animal shelters
    • Adheres to CPSIA guidelines and marking requirements
    • Available in choice of eye-catching colors

    As low as $1.06 each!

    • Children will enjoy feeding coins into this plump little piggy bank
    • Top and bottom snap together so bank can be reused
    • Choose between pink and white and include your personalized message

    • 5 Stars

    As low as $0.46 each!

    • Help newcomers to credit cards start off right with this carry-along guide that explains How To Establish and Maintain Good Credit, as well as Why Good Credit Is Important
    • Includes What A Credit Score Is, How to Receive Free Credit Reports, and the latest laws on obtaining credit cards
    • For persons under age 21

    • 5 Stars

    As low as $0.45 each!

    • Billy Dollar introduces youngsters to credit unions and their services in this 16 page activities book
    • He shows children how these institutions help everyone in the community
    • Topics include why money is safer and grows faster in the credit union than at home, how to earn money, set savings goals, and reasons for saving
    • Children also learn about depositing and withdrawing money, opening a share savings account and more
    • Each order includes a 4-page discussion guide for your own school presentations or give to a teacher
    • For grades K-3
    Personalization not available in quantities 25-99

    As low as $4.60 each!

    • You can "bank" on this fun piggy bank to encourage youngsters to save their coins
    • Slot on back makes it easy for little hands to "deposit" coins
    • Snout stopper screws off for easy withdrawals
    • Made of durable rubber
    • Your personalized message appears on the side

    As low as $2.92 each!

    • Encourage kids to save and their parents will thank you
    • They'll remember that brand name imprinted on the side of the Smart Saver Piggy Bank
    • Features a twist-off plug on the bottom
    • Banks, credit unions, nonprofits and children's charities are all perfect promotional fits

    Results: 47 Products
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    In today's economy, saving money and financial planning is more important than ever. That’s why Positive Promotions proudly offers financial professionals a unique, yet cost-effective selection of tools and resources to provide information and education to the community, as well as recognition gifts for hard-working team members.

    With promotional tools featuring exclusive slogans like 25 Ways To Be Money Smart or our motivational stock logo Keep Calm And Budget On, you'll find everything you need to stress financial fitness and keep your own brand in top shape. There are informational slideguides, magnets, and portfolios to help adults organize their financial recordkeeping, plus other great ways to celebrate savings, such as currency-themed banks, bookmarks, pens, pencils, and balloons.

    Our vault of financial education and resources products also includes personalized giveaways for your financial presentations, open houses, community outreach events, and facility tours. Banks and wallets make practical giveaways for bank patrons and new customers that provide safety and storage for cash, cards, and coins. Plus, our themed recognition gifts and rewards help you show appreciation to valuable employees and volunteers.

    Children will enjoy our interactive activity books, paper banks, and bookmarks, designed to both introduce and reinforce financial education on Teach Children to Save Day in April or any day. Whether presented to kids at classroom visits, open houses, or bank and credit union tours, budget-friendly educational tools and incentives from Positive Promotions such as piggy banks, stickers, and colorful pencils are a great way to make learning about saving rewarding.