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June is National Safety Month

Remind your staff to always practice safety in and out of the workplace with our budget-friendly gifts and incentives. Discover all you need to make safety a team effort and recognize your staff for working safely. With powerful themes such as Safety Starts With Me; Caught Working Safely; and Carry Safety Wherever You Go, we offer on-the-spot safety recognition gifts, as well as educational tools for successful safety meetings and training sessions and personalized gifts for advertising your company message.

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Sale • As low as $134.80 each!

  • Our prize pack makes getting Caught Working Safely more fun than ever
  • It contains 20 scratch-off tickets, one winning ticket for each of the 20 prizes included in the pack
  • Hand out tickets to those working safely. They'll scratch off the foil and win the prize that appears 3 times
  • Back of scratch-off features a verse on the reasons they've made a difference
  • NOTE: Products subject to availability and may be substituted with an item of equal or higher value

As low as $1.29 each!

  • Card reminds your staff that it takes a TEAM effort to create a safe workspace
  • Comes packaged with 5 treats
  • Back of card explains contents: Smarties� - Because working safely is the smart thing to do; Starburst� - Because it takes all of us to make our safety record shine; 3 Musketeers� - Because it takes a team to work safely; Nestle Crunch� - Because we have to count on each other in a crunch; Tootsie Roll� - Because everyone plays an important "roll" in creating a safe work environment

As low as $1.19 each!

  • During National Safety Month and year round, let employees know you've noticed their commitment to safety with this tasty giveaway
  • Unique treat pack includes 3 refreshing York® Peppermint Patties
  • Back of card reminds employees of situations where it is a must to Always Use Safe Judge-"mint" * Follow safety rules and procedures * Notify others of hazards * Use the proper personal protective equipment * Never take shortcuts * Keep your work area clean and hazard-free

  • 5 Stars

Sale • As low as $11.99 each!

  • Shines a bright LED light to illuminate the way on a dark, rainy night
  • Top-quality, automatic open/close nylon umbrella with 43" arc, metal shaft, and Velcro� strap
  • Rubberized comfort grip with push-button, pivot-head flashlight built right into the handle
  • Our safety theme imprinted in color
  • Matching nylon case included

As low as $3.69 each!

  • Hand out a tasty, healthy snack during safety training sessions, or anytime!
  • Includes Trail Mix, Nature Valley� Granola Bar and Welch's Fruit Snacks�
  • Front of included card displays our colorful design highlighting a healthy safety message
  • Back of card lists 3 Reasons Safety Is Good For You: 1. It keeps you on the path to completing work successfully; 2. You're less likely to find yourself in a crunch; 3. Because being injury free is sweet!

As low as $54.99 each!

  • Colorful and powerful banner will raise everyone's safety awareness at your facility
  • Display for every safety event and training session
  • Banner is made of durable vinyl and has tough brass grommets for easy hanging indoors or out
  • Made in the USA

As low as $1.99 each!

  • Handy flashlight shines a bright, focused beam
  • Carabiner clips to backpack or key ring
  • Carry as a hand-held flashlight or stand upright on flat surface to use as a lantern
  • Bright 3-bulb LED; Slide power switch to change from flashlight to lantern mode
  • Features our safety theme on flashlight and gift box
  • Batteries included
  • Gift-boxed

As low as $2.59 each!

  • Everything needed to make two delicious, crunchy, creamy s'mores
  • Includes 2 packets each of 2 honey graham crackers, 2 marshmallows, 2 Hershey's� milk chocolate miniatures, and instructions for making s'mores in the microwave
  • Comes packaged in a box with our colorful safety theme

As low as $54.99 each!

  • Colorful and powerful banner will raise everyone's safety awareness as it reminds them safety is the only option!
  • Display for every safety event and training session
  • Banner is made of durable vinyl and has tough brass grommets for easy hanging indoors or out
  • Made in the USA

As low as $2.59 each!

  • Lighthearted slogan on front of card relays a serious safety message
  • Back of card details 5 Ways to Be a Smart and Safe Cookie: 1. Keep your workspace clean, organized, and clutter free; 2. Report near misses immediately to eliminate dangerous situations; 3. Let others know about new hazards right away; 4. Follow proper safety procedures no matter what-don't take short cuts; 5. Offer a helping hand whenever a coworker needs assistance executing a task safely
  • Includes a packet of delicious Mini Chips Ahoy� and Famous Amos� Chocolate Chip Cookies

As low as $1.19 each!

  • 5 treats come packaged with a colorful card that offers thanks to your safety superheroes
  • Back of card lists and explains contents: Life Saver�: Because you know safety saves lives; Milky Way�: For going above and beyond for safety; Mint: Because avoiding accidents is a heroic accomplish-"mint"; Starburst�: Because your safety record shines; Tootsie Roll�: Because your super safety efforts make you a "roll" model for others

As low as $2.09 each!

  • Useful key tag made of durable paracord
  • Round metal disc with colorful design salutes all who make safety a priority
  • Lobster claw clasp attaches to belt or bag
  • Split ring for keys

As low as $0.89 each!

  • Enclosed card notes Every day without an injury is sweet. Do your part to keep everyone safe
  • Lists 4 Ways To Roll With Safety: * Follow safety rules and procedures every time in order to keep yourself out of sticky situations * And 3 more
  • Includes 10 Tootsie Roll� candies

As low as $1.99 each!

  • Recognize and reward everyone on staff who takes personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of others
  • Jewelry-quality metal pin prominently displays our I Own Safety message
  • Keep plenty on hand for on-the-spot recognition
  • Presentation card displays a verse recognizing personal safety commitment

As low as $54.99 each!

  • Colorful and powerful banner will raise everyone's safety awareness as it reminds them to lift properly
  • Display for every safety event and training session
  • Banner is made of durable vinyl and has tough brass grommets for easy hanging indoors or out
  • Made in the USA

As low as $1.59 each!

  • Great giveaway for National Safety Month, this assortment of favorite candies focuses employees on near misses and includes a card that relates each treat to this theme
  • Back of card stresses the reasons to report near misses: * A near miss is a hazard that exists * A near miss one time could be an injury the next time * Reports of near misses can lead to improved work methods and safety procedures
  • Includes: Laffy Taffy�; Smarties�; Charleston Chew�; Lifesaver�; York Peppermint Pattie�; Almond Joy�

  • 4 Stars

As low as $6.99 each!

  • Ready for anything-from weekday commute to workout to weekend getaway
  • Classic, sporty duffel style with contemporary two-tone design makes a great safety reminder
  • Spacious main compartment with zip closure for easy packing and access
  • Front pocket and dual mesh side pockets
  • Adjustable strap and top grab handles for over-the-shoulder or hand-held carrying
  • Earbud port for on-the-go entertainment
  • 600 denier polyester

As low as $1.29 each!

  • Healthy, delicious snack is sure to energize your team
  • Includes 1-oz. of dark and golden raisins, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and nuts
  • Comes packaged with sticker displaying "Always Put Safety In The Mix"

As low as $1.09 each!

  • Promote safety awareness during National Safety Month and year round with a tasty treat pack giveaway
  • Treat Pack includes 10 individually-wrapped jumbo LifeSavers® and a 2-sided card that reinforces safety themes
  • Back of card declares: Be A Hero-Aim For Zero, and lists 6 safety tips including: Report or remove hazards without delay; and more
  • Polybagged

As low as $3.59 each!

  • Card lists 4 tasty treats and a safety message associated with each
  • Zero Candy Bar� - because "zero accidents" is our goal * Bazooka� Bubble Gum - Because "sticking" to safe practices leads to zero accidents * Mounds� - Because having "zero accidents" saves everyone "mounds" of trouble * Junior Mints� - Because "zero accidents" is a great achieve-"mint"
  • Back of enclosed card features 10 Ways To Zero In On Safety

Results: 146 Products
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At Positive Promotions, we offer a wide selection of workplace safety products to help educate employees on the importance of maintaining a safe work environment and to reward your team's safety efforts. Custom safety items are an effective way to get your message across. From water bottles to pocket first aid kits, we have a diverse mix of workplace safety items for the unique needs of your organization.

With over a hundred workplace safety products to choose from, we can help you educate and teach your employees about the importance of safety on the job. Our safety-themed banners can be placed in warehouses, while our laminated safety posters are the perfect choice for the office. We also carry treat packs, bags, lanyards, and key tags with helpful safety reminders.

Workplace safety promotional items and wellness incentives make for excellent giveaways at company functions and can make safety education both fun and memorable. Our guides for safe lifting and accident prevention are must-haves for any business or office. Whether you’re starting up a new safety program for the workplace or just want to remind your employees of the keys to a safe work environment, we’ve got the products to get it done.

Workplace safety products and safety awards from Positive Promotions are an ideal way to get your employees excited and motivated about practicing safe behaviors on a daily basis. Imprint your message or logo on t-shirts, pens, or key chains as a reminder to stay safe at all times. Check out our selection of workplace safety products today!