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Healthcare Food Service Week

Celebrate the healthcare food service team in your hospital or nursing home with appreciation gifts from Positive Promotions. We have great gift ideas for saluting the people who take pride in preparing and serving healthy, nutritious meals to your patients, staff, and visitors. Fill our custom tote bags with items like personalized cups, lapel pins, and lunch bags to offer on special occasions like anniversaries or during Healthcare Food Service Week. You'll also find food service apparel that employees can wear on the job or outside of the workplace.

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Thank Healthcare food service teams in hospitals and nursing homes for all the work they do to plan, create, prepare, and serve nutritious meals to your patients, staff, and visitors. Look for thoughtful appreciation gifts at Positive Promotions to help you celebrate your employees. We carry custom tote bags, personalized cups, and apparel featuring positive messages about the healthcare food service industry. And many of our promotional gifts can be custom-printed with your organization's name or slogan.

Healthcare Food Service Week in October is a wonderful time to celebrate your team. Try some of our recommended recognition ideas like holding team-building events outside of the workplace where chefs, dietary staff, kitchen staff, and servers can play and relax. Bring custom tote bags to the event for every staff member, filled with great gifts like food service apparel, lapel pins, and lunch bags.

It's always fun to recognize healthcare food service staff on special occasions such as birthdays and work anniversaries. Try surprising them by leaving personalized cups, customized lanyards or apparel at their workstations before their shift begins. Or serve up custom tote bags filled with gifts at department meetings, like personalized aprons that they can wear proudly on the job.

Offer new healthcare food service workers lapel pins, lanyards, and food service apparel during work orientations. You can also hold raffles throughout the year, giving team members the chance to win unique appreciation gifts that praise them for always placing care on the menu. Healthy snacks or sweet treats are always popular ideas, even as raffle prizes.

Healthcare food service employees put lots of love and pride into creating healthy, nutritious meals for patients and staff. Use the thoughtful recognition ideas from Positive Promotions to remind them you appreciate their valuable and caring service, all year long.