Radiology Staff Appreciation


You count on your valued Rad Techs to help you deliver the highest quality healthcare at your facility. Don't let their important contributions go unnoticed--celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week® with unique, affordable gifts from Positive Promotions! From t-shirts, messenger bags, and stylus pens to drinkware, technology chargers, and more, our exclusive Radiology Team: Making The Invisible Visible theme expresses your gratitude in an unforgettable way.

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Results: 31 Products
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Your team of dedicated Radiologic Technologists always goes above and beyond to provide patients with top-quality care. Celebrate their vision, professionalism, and excellence with a unique selection of gifts meant to reward, inspire, and communicate your heartfelt appreciation.

Discover a mix of terrific new gifts and customer favorites that everyone on your radiology team is sure to enjoy, including lunch bags, totes, drinkware, tech items, healthy meal accessories, and much more. Hold a memorable event where you give away useful items like badge holders, lapel pins, desk accessories, and other popular choices. Outfit Rad Technologists in classic, comfortable t-shirts and apparel featuring fun designs so they can wear their professional pride for all to see. And don't miss our Raffle Packs and money-saving combos, great ideas that add excitement to gift presentations and that make it easy for you to thank your team for less!

Shop Positive Promotions today and discover a trusted, one-stop shopping source to cover all your needs. We look forward to helping you honor your radiographers and Rad Tech team for making the invisible visible, with special gifts that will make them feel truly appreciated.

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