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Get Your Pink On!

Get Your Pink On!

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As low as $1.39 each!

  • Cheerful pal takes care of navigating touchscreens and keeping them clean...and also writes
  • Features a smiley face clicker and pink microfiber mop top "hair"
  • Pink ribbon-shaped "tie" is actually a clip
  • Soft silicone-tipped stylus for smooth navigation-won't scratch screen
  • Mop top cleans fingerprints and smudges from screens
  • Click-action ballpoint pen extends through stylus tip; black ink
  • Our exclusive theme displayed on glossy pink plastic barrel

Clearance • As low as $1.69 each!

  • Never fumble for keys again!
  • Striped 10.75" strap keeps keys easily accessible, yet securely tucked away in handbag or backpack
  • Keys attach to silver-toned awareness ribbon charm ring
  • Large metal clasp on opposite end attaches to handbag or backpack
  • A great item for awareness events, community fairs, and more

Results: 2 Products
View Per Page: 20 | 40 | 80 | View All
View: ListGrid