Teachers Clearance

Teachers Clearance

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Clearance • As low as $1.61 each!

* Help teachers and staff squeeze away school day stress * Soft, poly-foam stress relievers are a great way to relax, anytime, anywhere.

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Clearance • As low as $5.98 per pack!

Let kids know they can do it at test time! Temporary tattoos wash right off with soap. Non-toxic.

Clearance • As low as $7.55 each!

* Classic full-size portfolio * 8 1/2" x 11" 30-sheet lined pad * Stylus pen with soft rubber tip navigates touchscreens with ease: pen extends and retracts through tip * 3 pockets for business/credit cards or calculator * Expanding folder pocket for documents * magnetic catch closure * pen available in black ink only

Clearance • As low as $4.99 each!

* A whole new way to stay cool * Sleek design features the latest in bladeless technology * Safe for use near children and pets-no dangerous exposed blades * Cordless-runs on 4 AA batteries (included) or can be powered using included USB cable * Push button on/off * Perfect for desktop-just 6 3/4" tall

Clearance • As low as $17.49 per pack!

* Pens feature a smiley face clicker and a colorful or silver tie * Five of each design per pack, 25 assorted pens total * Pens available with black ink only

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Clearance • As low as $4.19 each!

* Canvas mini tote carries a Lapel Pin With Presentation Card and a Stationery Set * Stationery Set includes a sticky pad, note pad and stylus pen

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Clearance • As low as $0.29 each!

25 Bags A Pack. Comes With Our "Education A Team Effort" slogan.

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Clearance • As low as $4.48 each!

* Large format Academic Desk Blotter (17" X 22") covers a desk area! * Month-at-a-glance format * Full-color monthly sheets run from July 2014-Aug. 2015 * 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" date squares allow plenty of room * Remove sleeve to reveal two holes for mounting calendar on wall * Each month features an inspirational quote * Imprintable sleeve protects Academic Desk Blotter * Space for notes

Clearance • As low as $2.99 per pack!

A great appreciation gift for teachers. Sold in packs of 10 magnets.

Clearance • As low as $0.62 each!

* A nice way to "package" a few messages and giveaways...and make sure they all get home.

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