Child Abuse Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention Month

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

During April, Child Abuse Prevention Month activities are abundant in social service organizations, schools and community groups. Use the child abuse awareness tools and giveaways from Positive Promotions to help bring awareness to this important cause. We carry custom gifts like blue mylar pinwheels that are commonly used to plant pinwheel gardens in honor of child abuse prevention. Also find custom promotional gifts such as two-sided t-shirts promoting awareness to offer to staff and volunteers helping with child abuse prevention events.

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and there's no better time to raise awareness in your organization and community with the help of Positive Promotions. Creating child abuse awareness in society is crucial, especially for organizations such as public health departments, domestic violence centers and child defense organizations. Our custom gifts promoting child abuse prevention are also essentials for social workers and child advocates, and staff in hospitals, schools, religious organizations and the military. Use our custom promotional gifts to raise awareness during Child Abuse Prevention Month and throughout the rest of the year.

During Child Abuse Prevention Month, use our promotional products to bring attention to prevention at community events and school assemblies. Stock up on child abuse awareness tools and giveaways to hand out to volunteers, employees, students and other members of your community. We carry custom gifts such as double-sided t-shirts featuring child abuse awareness messages. These promotional gifts can be offered to event volunteers, teachers and hospital staff to wear during events and throughout the month.

A popular event for Child Abuse Prevention Month is to plant blue mylar pinwheel gardens. Symbolizing childhood happiness, child abuse awareness pinwheels can be handed out to students, church groups and members of social service organizations. The custom gifts from Positive Promotions feature uplifting messages about children, and can even be personalized with your branding. Children especially love these promotional gifts, and enjoy creating pinwheel gardens at schools, churches and elsewhere in the community to bring attention to child abuse prevention.

During Child Abuse Prevention Month, public service departments and hospitals can hand out promotional gifts to employees and families to raise awareness about child abuse prevention. We carry child abuse awareness value packs containing dozens of customized gifts to get the message of prevention out in the public. Look for custom gifts such as blue pinwheels and silicone bracelets, along with bookmarks and pens. These promotional gifts make it easy to offer a variety of items to the public at community events recognizing Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Even after Child Abuse Prevention Month has ended, many organizations focus on child abuse prevention on a daily basis. Bringing child abuse awareness to the public is an ongoing mission for domestic violence and child defense organizations, and for social workers and child advocates throughout schools, hospitals and the armed forces. By keeping custom gifts from Positive Promotions on hand, your organization will always have the right educational tools and giveaways to offer to children and adults in the community. Let our promotional gifts help you get the message out about child abuse prevention awareness.