Child Abuse Prevention

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Every child matters and deserves respect, praise and protection. Stand united against abuse, honor child advocates and raise awareness throughout your community with educational tools and giveaways that focus on violence and bullying prevention, better parenting, cyber safety and self-esteem.

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There is nothing more important than the safety and wellbeing of a child. That makes April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, the most important month of 2014. There is no limit to the amount of precaution society should take to protect children. Too often you hear stories of neglect, mistreatment, and both physical and emotional abuse robbing children of their innocence. At Positive Promotions, we are proud to assist communities throughout the calendar year - but especially during Child Abuse Prevention Month - with promotional merchandise offered at great low prices and aimed at ensuring the safety of children through the power of child abuse awareness as well as tools for child abuse protection and prevention.

One of our most popular promotional merchandise items is our blue Mylar Pinwheel which symbolizes childhood happiness. Pinwheels can display our “Every Child Matters” slogan or they can be personalized to spread your own awareness message. Another product suitable for adults and children alike is our blue awareness bracelet including a prevention tip card. The visible display of support to raise awareness for child abuse prevention through symbolic blue bracelets shows a commitment to protecting the health and safety of children. We are confident that if our child abuse prevention tools and educational resources can help save even one more child from abuse, we are doing our part during Child Abuse Prevention Month. Every child matters.

For more information on Child Abuse Prevention Month promotional merchandise from Positive Promotions, give us a call at (800) 635-2666.