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Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child abuse prevention month

Promote awareness about the dangers of child abuse and steps that can be taken to prevent it in your community. During Child Abuse Prevention Month in April—and all year long—present educational tools and reminders from Positive Promotions that spread the message of protecting children, and focus on positive parenting and keeping kids safe. Provide giveaways and custom gifts featuring our powerful themes No Excuse for Child Abuse and Stand Up For Children, as well as iconic blue pinwheels that are the symbol for child abuse prevention.

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In 1974, the first federal child protection legislation was enacted, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, marking the start of a new national response to the issue of child abuse and neglect. But it wasn't until 1982 that Congress voted to designate a week in June as National Child Abuse Prevention Week. By 1983, President Reagan declared April as the first National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a tradition that lives on today. Whatever promotional items you need, Positive Promotions is here to help you effectively promote child abuse prevention and safety with our wide selection of awareness tools and customized products.

We offer two-sided Child Abuse Prevention Month t-shirts that staff and volunteers can wear at events. You'll also find special value packs containing dozens of gifts to get the message of prevention out to the community, along with cost-effective giveaways such as silicone bracelets, bookmarks, and pens. Distribute these unique child abuse prevention products at schools, PTA/PTO meetings, community centers, health and safety fairs, doctors’ offices, and anywhere children and parents gather.

Our custom child abuse awareness products include uplifting messages about children and educational incentives for parents and educators. We carry Activities Books for all ages, a great way to communicate sensitive issues to children. Plus, there are informative tools like Pocket Pals and Glancers that parents can use to effectively handle conflict, discipline, and offer praise. There are also lapel pins, tote bags, and more gifts to reward your staff for the important work they do to increase awareness of child abuse prevention.