Child Abuse Prevention Pens

Child abuse prevention pens are a terrific way to get community members to take note of your awareness messages. Both cost-effective and attention getting, our selection includes blue pinwheel pens for kids and the young at heart, stylus pens for adults and touchscreen users, and classic comfort grip writers. Here at Positive Promotions, you'll find all the promotional pens you need to highlight the importance of keeping kids safe.

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Remind everyone about the dangers of child abuse and the need to protect and care for children by handing out promotional message pens from Positive Preventions. Our child abuse prevention pens are low-cost, high-visibility engagement tools that spread your message throughout the community at educational fairs, safety events and more.

Our special pinwheel pens and pencils will bring smiles to kids, featuring small Mylar pinwheels—the iconic symbol of child abuse awareness—on one end, and a useful ballpoint pen on the other. We also carry stylus pens with awareness messages, plus assortments of our regular awareness pens, all featuring our exclusive awareness messages. They're perfect as giveaways in any school, doctor's office, or public health department.

Whether you're looking for child abuse prevention pens or any type of promotional pen, we have you covered. For over 60 years, we've been helping customers like you reach clients and community members with one-of-a-kind products and incentives for community members of all ages.