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College Readiness

College Readiness

Team up with Positive Promotions to help children of all ages set their sights on a bright future. We stock all the college readiness products you need to encourage students to plan for furthering their education and starting a promising career. Motivate them to succeed with educational and promotional products featuring our exclusive college readiness slogans such as "The Tassel Is Worth The Hassle™", and "Stay On Track For College".

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Results: 111 Products
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Encourage children and teens to set goals for the future—and provide the motivation to reach them—with our wide selection of counseling resources, educational tools, and incentive rewards. Our budget-friendly college readiness products will not only make your job easier, but also foster parent engagement and help students reach their potential in a positive, safe and nurturing school environment.

Get students on track with their college and career ambitions through great products designed with exclusive themes like "College Is Not Just A Dream…It's The Plan". You'll also find posters, backpacks, pens, and more that feature our "The Tassel Is Worth The Hassle™" design, a memorable way to remind students to stay in school, because their hard work will be worth it when they graduate!

We also offer planners, calendars, glancers in both English and Spanish, and more products to aid in career preparation, so children can be better aware of what to expect after graduation. There are also educational tools and fun giveaways that help both students and parents with school transition at nearly every grade. Plus, discover a wealth of materials for sharing with parents at conferences, one-on-one meetings, and counseling, focusing on the many social and academic issues facing today's youth. Whatever you're looking for to supplement your college readiness counseling and guidance programs, find it here at Positive Promotions.