Do Your Best On Your Test Prep Pack

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Stress-reducing prep pack includes a trio of gifts: * Do Your Best On Your Test Sparkle Foil Pencil * Do Your Best On Your Test Bookmark * 2 Smarties candy rolls.
2 3/4" X 8

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5 Stars

Make Motivation Easy

, April 16, 2013

Motivate your students with the pre-assembled motivational packs. It's as easy as order, receive, pass out. Each pack comes with a motivational bookmark with test taking tips, a cool motivational pencil, and of course 2 packs of of Smarties candies- what more could a student ask for! In the past we bought these items separately but this year we saved time and money by buying the packs. Extra bonus, they are delivered in large baggies of 20-25 which making the distribution to our classes on campus super easy as well. What are you waiting for, make motivation easy for the big test and by your test prep packs now!

5 Stars

Do your best on the test

, March 15, 2013

We are always working to increase test sores of our students. In preparation for the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program test, I go into the classrooms and present lessons on study skills, test taking skills and how to make better grades. These bookmarks have great test taking tips on one side and words of encouragement on the other. The pencil is imprinted with the slogan "Do your best on the test", which is offers more encouragement on the day of the test. The smarties is a reminder that all the students are "smart" and they "can do it". The packet is a great tool to use for any test preparation.